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Wolfburn No. 204 Madeira Cask finish

In May 2011 one of the Wolfburn team went to locate the site of the old Wolfburn Distillery in Thurso, Caithness.
The purchase of the land was finalized in May 2012 and the first ground was broken a few months later in early August.
And short after that the distillery was up an running again to create some awesome expressions.

This limited edition Wolfburn is called No. 204 it has a cask finish of Madeira oak barrels.
The production of this expresson gave a total of 5800 bottles bottled at 46% abv.
This is the fifthsmall-batch release from the distillery and has matured for 5 years in
First-fill bourbon barrels then finished in Madeira hogsheads for 6 month.

Notes from the distillery:

ON THE NOSE – Rich desert-wine aromas are readily present,
augmented by deep bourbon sweetness.

ON THE PALATE – Sweet and full – give it time and a whole array of flavours unfurl.
Gentle notes of burnt sugar lead the way, overlaid with hints of soft oak and vanilla tones.
Hazelnut and gentle hints of orange are present too.

THE FINISH – Sweet tones linger on the palate and gradually melt away,
leaving a wee trace of honey and butterscotch at the very end.

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