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Wolfburn Morven

Wolfburn the northernmost distillery in Scotland (on the mainland).
This lightly peated whisky is made from malted barley infused with smoke during the drying process.
The flavour imparted by the smoke is a reflection of Wolfburn’s history –
the original 19th Century distillery was largely fired by peat. Gentle distillation is followed
by maturation in our purpose-built warehouses.
The result is a beautifully smooth and rounded whisky.

Distillery notes:
On the nose, initially smoky with hints of fruit and fresh sea air, accompanied by vanilla and oak woodshavings.

on the palate, floral notes abound, followed by raisins and light spices. Malty flavours open up on the palate, with soft honey sweetness at the finish.

It’s bottled at 46% ABV and im looking forward to this one because I’m a peated whisky fan.

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