The Raspberry cocktail –

The Raspberry cocktail

This time I want to tip you about a cocktail recipe.
A good sour colorful drink that will make you want one more!
The dink has hints of vanlilla combined with some orange and a sour after taste of raspberry.
If you cant get a hold of the Smirnoff then you can use 1.5cl of Triple Sec liqueur and then you need to adjust the vanilla vodka to 2.5cl
because of the lower abv in the liqueur.

2cl Sourz Raspberry
1.5cl Absolut vanilla vodka
1.5cl Smirnoff orange twist
Sprite soda

How to:
Add  1/3 of ice to a tall glass, measure up all the licor and pour it on the ice.
Top it with some Sprite soda and give it at stir.
Decorate with some grape and lime zest.


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