Stauning Bastard –

Stauning Bastard

I like when the distilleries like to experiment and explore other options and techniques on whisky.
The Danish distillery Stauning has released some whiskys just like that called the research series.
With this Stauning Bastard they wanted to incorporate some influences from Mexico.
It’s a double distilled rye whisky aged three years in new, toasted virgin American oak casks then
it has been rounded off with 6-months ageing in old mezcal casks from Mexican Oro de Oaxaca.
Its bottled at 46.3% and is availiable in 70cl bottles

The distillery describes it as:

An illegal love affair with a gentle and exotic aftertaste.

This type of cask is new to me and I believe it’s good try new thing because with more experience you get better on
picking out notes and get a better understanding of the whisky world.

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