Scandinavian Gin sessions Pine floral gin –

Scandinavian Gin sessions Pine floral gin

Sahlins Brygghus is a brewery located in dalarna, Sweden.
They have brewed beer there since 2005 and their focus is mostly
on craft beer, soda, tonic, cider and mulled wine.
Other than that they also run their farm where they have 35 000 visitors yearly.
One of the biggest attractions their ostriches which they raised on the farm since 1994

Now they have also relased two Gin expressions one is
their Pine floral Gin bottled at 40% abv with inspiration from the
scandinavian forests.
The second gin is the dry juniper gin bottled at 42,5% abv.
They are done in small batches and made with real craftmanship and love by
the Sahlins family farm.

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