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Raasay distillery While we wait 2018

Waited too long for this one but last night I finally got to pour a dram of this lovley expression.
It’s 46% abv. More info about the bottle and distillery in a previous post.

Nose ?
Vanilla, hint of smoke, coconut flakes, pleasant soft and creamy scent, dried rassins

Palate ?
Suprises on the palate, explosive of peat smoke, not heavy but powerful. Fruity, nutty, I’m out of words to describe

Finish ?
Very long, pleasant, lingers on the tongue, the rassins, nuttynes stays with you along with well balanced peat smoke.

Conclusion ?
Reminds me of of high coast 63, I’m very impressed with it and it has splitted 1’st place with the high coast 63 in the not heavy peated range.
I’m very very curious of their new release that is coming soon I believe?

Score : 95/100

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