Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin –

Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin

Pyynikin does a lot of different beers and has three breweries, two of them is in Finland and one is located in Haljala, northeastern Estonia.
Besides a lot of beer they also have some handcrafted spirits like Gin and Vodka.
Their micro brewery located in the banks of the Tammerkoski in the best location of the center of Tampere does experiments and small batches
sold directly to resturants.

Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin is a crafted collaboration with Tiima Cocktail Bar in Tampere.
They have reused Tiima’s lemons and limes that have been pressed into juice and would otherwise be biowaste.
Recycled Citrus Gin was decided to be made as well from the already used spices in Pyynikin Payday Craft Gin.
The result is a new product that is fresh and strongly citric flavoured gin made from 100% biowaste.

It is produced in 0.5L bottles at 40%abv.

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