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Osmoz Citrus

About the brand:

Deeply attached to the Cognac region, our family has been wine growers for six generations and manage to
faithfully preserve the values initiated by the founder Augustin VALLET.
Today this transmission from father to son ensures the continuity and progression of our know-how.
As members of the lineage, we consider ourselves explorers and passionate taste lovers.

We are totally independent and we control the entire production to best meet our taste and qualitative requirements.
To date, we are proud to be one of the few family-owned companies to sell all of the production in bottles ;
our duty and, above all, our willingness is to perpetuate our traditions
through the elaboration of eaux-de-vie ever more technical and qualitative.

Their gins have been thought to be in perfect osmosis with their Cognac and family roots.
Fully developed ans distilled from gapes, they are totally faithful to our values ans appreciation of eaux-de-vie.
Combining modernity and tradition, theyselected six distinctive aromas from our range of
Cognacs : lime, apple, liquorice, apricot, almond ans clove are in both their creations.

Their osmoz citrus expression is a enhancement of their standard classic. They wanted to do something else besides the
classic juniper taste. This citrus is mostly orange and lemon and gives it a fresh nose together with the other botanicals.
And the second unique thing with Osmoz is that it is distilled from grapes. The bottle is at 46% abv and is made in small batches

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