Nomad Outland whisky –

Nomad Outland whisky

Nomad outland whisky is born in Scotland and aged in Jerez, Spain. Its resting in a more humid and warmer climate to get a special twist on a traditional scottish whisky.
The whisky itself is first aged 3 years in scotland in sherry casks then transferred to
Jerez where it will finish for at least 12 months in old Pedro Ximenez casks. The whisky is resting in The san Fernando Cellar of González Byass.

The blend is a unique selection of over 30 different malt and grain whiskies from Speyside, The Highlands each 5-8 years old. The bottle has a unique design too somewhat flat and wide standing out among the standard ones.
Its bottled at 41.3% abv and I’m really looking forward to taste and review this one.

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