No.1 super premium dry gin –

No.1 super premium dry gin

About NO.1

In the year of 2004 came the idea of creating a affordable quality brand that could be used for all kinds of wine and spirits. 
The name No.1, for everyone, came to mind and so the process of creating the brand and getting it registered began. 
In 2010 the first products were launched. Vodka, Gin Rum and 3 flavored vodkas. 
Since the start up the portfolio has increased and today No.1 has more than 30 products in various sizes and packaging including also wine. 

In the picture you see a high quality gin made from No1 Stockholm,  the finest wheat harvested in Sweden and the purest Swedish water.
The gin has been distilled five times and has an exquisite taste of juniper bottled at 37.5% abv.
It has an exciting blue color and you can enjoy it ”on the rocks” as well as in the classic drinks GT and Dry Martini.
They have several gin expressions in their range and if you want a flavoured one than the classic I recommend their elderflower / citrus expression.

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