Murre Dry gin –

Murre Dry gin

This gin is handcrafted in Cologne the Bonn region in Germany.
Its a classic dry gin that has a twist in their botanicals, they are using carrots in it.
Besides juniper they also use Blood Orange zest, peppermint and cinnamon and its a total mix of 7 botanicals.

Murre gin is bottled at 44% abv and comes in a few different sizes, 0.5l, 0.2l, 5cl.
The carrots used in this gin comes from Rhineland which means west part of Germany.

Notes from the producer:
The nose is juniper, on the palate it is also clearly juniper, immediately followed by fresh orange and peppermint notes .
Then pleasant sweetness spreads and a subtle sharpness can be felt.
The finish is long, maintaining the freshness and sweetness and now the carrot comes out in terms of taste.

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