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G-Gin Skånska Spritfabriken

A while back i talked about Skånska Spritfabrikens g-Gin kaffe that was a special gin distilled with coffee beans.
It’s nice that distilleries nowdays are brave enough to try new things and widen their range besides the standard spirits.

Therefore I want to mention their other gin that they have.
– First of they have the standard g-gin London dry  gin that is bottled at 46.2% abv. It has a distinct nose of juniper but also green apples and cardamom.

– Besides the standard one they also has some oak finished gin, this one in particular is Österlen finish because its aged on  a barrel used for their Österlen VSOP First Batch.
This one has also a distinct nose of juniper but a mix of both green and red apples. Its has the same abv as the London dry gin because its that spirit that is aged in the barrel.

– At last we have g-Gin Rosé, aged in red wine bordeaux casks which gives it a rosé color on the spirit. The nose on this one is juniper, red pepper and grape.

Recently they hosted a crowdfunding to keep their imagination going on new types of spirits and twists. So from now on we will see more variations and new spirit types in the near future, that I’m sure of!

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