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Fary Lochan Efterår Batch #3 danish single malt whisky

Efterår #3

Fary Lochan distillery was founded on the 18th of december 2009.
In 2019, Fary Lochan received the finest seal of approval when it was acknowledged by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society(SMWS).
The whisky was given the rare and exclusive “Premium” label by the SMWS, it’s the first distillery Denmark to receive this label.

Fary Lochan’s single malt whisky is distilled in original Scottish pot stills and only danish malt is used in their whiskies.
They are the first and only distillery in the world to use fresh nettles to smoke their whisky malt.

This Particular whisky is called Efterår which means autumn in english. It’s batch nr 3, this batch was filled 19 november 2013 in hogshead oloroso sherry casks and bottled 19 november 2019.
I have bottle #268 and a total of  535 produced bottles. The Efterår contains 1% smoked barley.
A review of this beauty is coming soon, stay tuned!

Link to the whisky here.

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