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Fary Lochan Classic Gin

Fary Lochan Classic Gin

Fary Lochan Distillery is first and foremost a whiskey distillery that started in 2009 by Jens-Erik Jørgensen.
Today, the three siblings and their mother is running the distillery. The past years they’ve added more than only whisky to their production.

The development of other delicious products is for example their Gin. They’ve made all of their gin varieties light and fresh, so that they dress for every occasion and gathering.
The Classic Gin includes citrus and cucumber which gives a fresh and pleasant scent and taste that will send you on holiday thoughts at the first tear.
The mild taste allows this gin to be easily drank clean or in a tonic or lemon drink.

I’ll do a review or cocktail-tip about this gin soon!

Read more about the Classic Gin here.

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