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Cù Bòcan Signature

Cù Bòcan is a celebration of the subtleties of smoke and perfectly balanced sweetness,
Cù Bòcan is an experimental Highland Single Malt that explores innovative finishes to create whiskies full of intrigue and surprise.

Tomatin distillery is behind Cù Bòcan and let them experiment in a different way.
Their signature one has matured in three different casks to combine some unique flavours. The barley is lightly peated and they only distill every
winter in limited batches.

The Signature is aged in bourbon, oloroso sherry and north American virgin oak. This leads to a subtly smoky and suprisingly sweet spirit according to them.
The bottle design is also one of a kind to be unique in every way! Its bottled at 46% and a review of this one is coming soon.

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