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Cù Bòcan signature review

Here comes a review of this lovley bottle Cù Bòcan that I posted earlier

Nose ?
Coffee with Amaretto the sherry notes are there but not too strong. Letting the dram sit for a while i get some caramel hints and some smooth buttery scent.

Palate ?
Quite sharp at first then the caramel follows from the nose and also some wood bark. There is more to it but I cant set words on what it is.

Finish ?
This one has a long finish the sherry notes (red dried fruit with some sweetness) stays with you a long time!

Conclusion ?
A interesting choice of different casks make it quite unusual, some of the things i felt on both palate and nose was hard to describe so that makes it more complex and I could not set words on what I was sensing.

score: 87/100

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