Stauning –

Stauning Smoke

Stauning distillery is a Danish distillery and has been on this blog before because of their good tasting whiksy. They recently did a new bottle design that is pretty unique and artistic.

This is their Smoke expression bottled at 47% ABV, it is a single malt whisky using only local ingredient malted on open floors. The malt is smoked over peat and heather found in the landscape surrounding Stauning.

Stauning does double distillation in small flame-heated pot still and this whisky is then aged in first fill wine and spirits casks.

Stauning Bastard

I like when the distilleries like to experiment and explore other options and techniques on whisky.
The Danish distillery Stauning has released some whiskys just like that called the research series.
With this Stauning Bastard they wanted to incorporate some influences from Mexico.
It’s a double distilled rye whisky aged three years in new, toasted virgin American oak casks then
it has been rounded off with 6-months ageing in old mezcal casks from Mexican Oro de Oaxaca.
Its bottled at 46.3% and is availiable in 70cl bottles

The distillery describes it as:

An illegal love affair with a gentle and exotic aftertaste.

This type of cask is new to me and I believe it’s good try new thing because with more experience you get better on
picking out notes and get a better understanding of the whisky world.

Stauning Kaos Batch 1-2020

Stauning is a Danish whisky distillery located in Skjern right next to the Ringkøbing Fjord, the west coas of Denmark.
They recently rebranded their bottle design and site to better get give you what Stauning is about.
The new bottle design is about the the distillery and the nine friends that started the distillery in 2005.

The nine friends come from different backgrounds (a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a butcher, a pilot and four engineers)
but quickly gained a common curiosity for whisky.
The barley and rye are grown within a few kilometers of the distillery.
Knowing the farmers gives a more profound understanding of the ingredients.
The local community likes contributing to the project. They work together. Growing the crops is craftsmanship as well.
They also do their own floor malting and use the local peat and heather to dry their malted grain.

Stauning KAOS
The name is based in Danish history, when Thorvald Stauning used the phrase “Stauning or Chaos” to win re-election as Prime Minister in 1935.
By vatting their best Rye and smoked single malt whiskies together in a curious triple malt marriage, they give us both Stauning and KAOS.
This is barch 1-2020 and is bottled at 46& abv.

Stauning Rye review

Here is a quick review of Stauning rye whisky, you can read more about it in a previous post.
Bottled at 50% abv

Nose ?
Lots of spice, some alcohol burn, dumle(a Swedish candy, toffee with a chocolate cover), peach, cola

Palate ?
Some nice Cola notes, oaky, rough and dry. After that I felle some spice finishing of with vanilla

Finish ?
Medium long, the dryness sticks to the roof of the mouth

Conclusion ?
Spicy and oaky cola. Like this one a lot despite being only 3 years old

Score: 87/100

Stauning Rye whisky

Stauning Rye is a true classic in their product range. The spirit is distilled in traditional direct-fire pot stills which results in a complex whisky with lots of nuances to explore.
It is a straight rye whisky since it contains no artificial flavour or colouring and it has been matured between 3 to 4 years.
Its distilled in Denmark, West Jutland, Stauning. Around 300-4000 bottles were made from the particular batch that I got and it’s bottled att 50% abv.

Stauning Rye contains only floor malted rye and floor-malted barley. This makes it something very special in the world of whisky.
At Stauning Whisky we do all processes on-site, and it means that we can handle the malting of the rye.

Notes from the producer:
It’s warm, friendly and fresh at the same time spicy, bold, full-bodied and seems considerably older than the age suggests.
One clearly tastes the Rye and recognize the scent of freshly baked rye bread.

Some key features that makes this whisky stand out from other rye whiskies is:
– Floor malted local barley
– Floor malted local rye
– Double pot still distilled
– Direct-fired stills

– Local water of superior quality
– Non-chill filtered
– Matured and bottled on site
– Terroir product of Denmark

Looking forward trying this one and a review will come up shortly, stay tuned!