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Small-brook Lucilinburhuc whisky from Luxembourg

Small-brook Lucilinburhuc by @smallbrook
It’s the first single malt whisky in Luxembourg. Matured in 32 liter bourbon cask, 32 liter oloroso cask and 64 liter Fino cask.
Love to try out world whisky and this one is quite unique because it’s the first single malt!
Bottled at 50% abv. Aged for 3 years. Barley is harvested from Germany. Checkout his account to get see the distillery and current releases.
This first batch sold out in only 8 hours.
Nose ?
At first strong woody and spicy notes. Some alcohol burn. After letting the whisky sit for a while Other notes become more clear.
There is also rassins, walnuts. Also throughout the whole nosing you get the wine and sherry notes too. Very balanced. To get the edge of the alcohol burn some water should be added.
Palate ?
Very nice on the palate, I got chocolate, red currants, herbal. Creamy at the end which extends the notes on the palate in a good way. The wine & sherry influence is strong and I like it a lot.
Finish ?
Very Long finish, the wine/sherry maturation shines here with some tannic and red dark fruits.
Conclusion ?
I’m stunned with this whisky, first before trying I didn’t know what to expect but I like that it is bottled at high abv because that means it’s up
the individual to water it down if it’s too strong. All those small casks makes the whisky get so flavor and character.
Despite only matured in 3 years there is so much going on with this whisky.
Score: 93/100