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G-Gin Skånska Spritfabriken

A while back i talked about Skånska Spritfabrikens g-Gin kaffe that was a special gin distilled with coffee beans.
It’s nice that distilleries nowdays are brave enough to try new things and widen their range besides the standard spirits.

Therefore I want to mention their other gin that they have.
– First of they have the standard g-gin London dry  gin that is bottled at 46.2% abv. It has a distinct nose of juniper but also green apples and cardamom.

– Besides the standard one they also has some oak finished gin, this one in particular is Österlen finish because its aged on  a barrel used for their Österlen VSOP First Batch.
This one has also a distinct nose of juniper but a mix of both green and red apples. Its has the same abv as the London dry gin because its that spirit that is aged in the barrel.

– At last we have g-Gin Rosé, aged in red wine bordeaux casks which gives it a rosé color on the spirit. The nose on this one is juniper, red pepper and grape.

Recently they hosted a crowdfunding to keep their imagination going on new types of spirits and twists. So from now on we will see more variations and new spirit types in the near future, that I’m sure of!

G-whisky stout cask review

Short review of the g-whisky stout cask finish 50,1% abv by skånska spritfabriken.
? Color is dark like rusty copper, probably because of the stout cask but it has also been aged in olorosso casks which often give a darker color to the whisky.

Nose ?
Woody, some sweet notes then some red dried fruits, chocolate by the stout finish and a little alcohol burn.

Palate ?
You get some good spicyness right of the bat followed by some sweet caramel and a underlaying sherry influence.

Finish ?
The finish is quite short but the spicy notes lingers on the tongue a while.

After letting it sit for a while you get more of the sweeter notes and I would recommend it to open up for a while before sipping it.
Overall a good whisky that I could share with someone that wants more of a punch in the whisky that is not peaty.

G-whisky stout cask

G-whisky stout cask is a spirit from Skånska spritfabriken. It’t a non peated whisky with notes of caramel, toasted oak, chocolate and dried fruits.

All the raw materials to create this whisky is from Skåne in Sweden, it is distilled in France in a Alambic still then aged in Sweden for about 4 and a half years then bottled at Södra Sandby in Sweden.

The whisky is aged in a mix of casks: New french oaks, used Red wine casks, olorosso sherry casks and then finished in stout casks hence the name g-Whisky stout cask.

The whiksky is bottled at 50,1% ABV and only 977 bottles exists.

Mini-review: G-gin kaffe with tonic

G-gin kaffe a gin with taste of coffee.

I tasted this spirit first pure without any mixing. I get a clear notes of the juniper but also citrus and a weak hint of coffee at the end.

I mixed this with ekobryggeriets tonic with a taste of spruce shoots and it gave it a new dimension with a nose of Swedish forest combined with juniper and the orange slice ??

A great gin for a GT!

The g-Gin Kaffe from Skånska spritfabriken

Skånska Spritfabriken har nyligen lanserat en ny G-gin denna gången i sammarbete med Sanby kafferosteri. Det är deras g-Gin London dry som de tillsatt rostad kaffeböna, svartpeppar och kardemumma för att få fram den speciella g-Gin kaffe.

Det är en begränsad utgåva och det finns totalt 1050 flaskor, alkoholhalten ligger på 41.5%
En review på denna gin kommer inom snar framtid.

A newly released g-Gin from Skånska Spritfabriken is a collaboration with Sandby kafferosteri. They have added roasted coffee bean, cardamom and black pepper to produce the special g-Gin Kaffe.

It’s a limited release and only 1050 bottles is produced. The abv on this gin is 41.5%.
A review of this new gin is coming shortly.