Royal Locknagar –

Game of thrones whisky, some of them…

GOT whiskies are a limited release that got avaliable right before the start of season 8.
There are a total of 8 whiskies and each one represent a house in the series.

I got the opportunity to try four of them, Oban Bay reserve(The night’s watch), Cardhu gold reserve(The house of Targaryen), Royal Lochnagar(The house of Baratheon) and Dalwhinnie Winters frost(The house of Stark).

First thoughts of them is that the finish dissapears quite quickly on all of them. The one with highest finish score was Oban bay reserve. Of those I’ve tried there is only one whisky with a age statement and that is Royal Lochnagar 12 years old.
All of them are not too complex and quite smooth with a lack of punch or suprise, I have not tried any of the other whisky brands except Oban so I dont have much experience of the others except this GOT edition.
Here are the scores of alla the four:
Oban Bay reserve(The night’s watch):                     81/100
Cardhu gold reserve(The house of Targaryen):    66/100
Royal Lochnagar(The house of Baratheon):          82/100
Dalwhinnie Winters frost(The house of Stark):   75/100

Royal Lochnagar had the highest score on the nose and palate while Oban Bay reserve had a better BBF(Body balance ,feel) and finish.
I know there are still some places to get some of the whiskies like the Lagavulin 9 or Talisker select reserve but the second market is also popular now but a bit pricy.
I will try to get to tase the others that is not here in the picture but I’m not too sure i will buy any of the others based on these four i think the limited edition relase is quite weak and mostly a PR thing to earn some more money.