Norbotnia –

Norbotnia Black River

Norbotnia Black River is blended and finally matured in bourbon casks in the county of Norrbotten, Sweden.
The source of the malt is not disclosed more than it’s distilleries in Scotland.

Text from the bottle:
What you hold in your hand is an exclusive whisky produced by Norbotnia Whisky Company.
Consisting of whiskies distilled and matured in Scotland, before blending and maturation in bourbon casks, in the county of Norrbotten, Sweden.
We’re sure that the Artic air across the bay and the northern lights puts a unique experience in your hand.
Please Enjoy with respect and responsibility.

The founders of Norbotnia Whisky Company is Anders Ringbjer and Mikael Sundelin, for contact you can reach them on their instagram.
The bourbon casks is from the American heaven hill and is from the beginning a 200 liter cask. It was then rebuilt by Thorslund kagge to smaller 30 and 40 liter casks to be aged in them instead.
Its bottled at 44.8% abv and has a volume of 50cl, my particular bottle is back 11 bottle 37/60 and the malt is peated.

Here is a review of this beautiful whisky:
Nose ?
Reminds me of a Ardbeg, a good peat also some citrus coming through. Some grassy and salty notes, and in the background some tar.
Palate ?
Tar, pepper, camp fire smoke, rubber, wood, good combination of flavors and a bit creamy at the end.
Finish ?
Finish is medium, would have hoped for a longer finish but the camp fire smoke is the most present.
Conclusion ?
Good nose quite complex Palate, not to overpowering on the smoke and also hints of other flavors. A good dram I would say ?
Score: 86/100
A good score and I like peated whisky so it goes hand in hand with my preferred taste!