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Naud Añejo 15 Años Ron Panama review

In a previous post you can read a bit more about the distillery and rum.
Here is my review of The Naud Añejo 15 Años Ron Panama 41.3% ABV.

Nose ?
Rich, floral and, cinnamon, marshmallows and caramelized almonds. A really good nose i would say!

Palate ?
Some oak, vanilla, toffee but not too sweet. Hints of orange and spices coats my mouth therefore it sticks with me longer and in the end you can feel a little bit of alcohol burn.

Finish ?
The finish is long. It stays with you and warms you with all the pleasant notes.

Conclusion ?
Just how I like it, not too sweet, good oak influence deep flavors and it stays with you for a while. A good dram of rum in my opinion.

Total Score 89/100.

Naud Añejo 15 Años Ron Panama

Famille Naud  was originally founded by Emile Perrier. 1923 he founds la Distillerie du Donjon in the heart of Pons located North of Bordeaux.
The distillery belongs to the famous cognac region Charentes where it has been family run over 100 years.
They use the ancient grain mill of Pinthiers, with its authentic paddle wheel. Well hidden amongst the greenery and set upon a small island.
The old limestone building, which is surrounded by lime and willow trees, is bordered by two arms of the River Seugne, which flows down into the River Charente.
It is an outstanding distillery, hidden on its own island! I wish to visit there sometime to experience the area carftmenship and have a good tasting experience.

Among their spirits they produce 4 differenc cognac but also vodka, gin, rum and a spiced rum called “Hidden Loot”.
The one I will review in the coming future is the 15 year old panama rum.

This extra old rum is aged in American oak casks after that the rum begins a long transatlantic journey to perfect its refinement in their Cognac cellars. Thessweetness in the rum comes by using sugarcanes from Arco Seco, Panama.
It is distilled in the traditional fashion, in copper columns of 20 trays, to obtain a distinguished, lavish and fruity spirit.
One key difference Famille Naud does is to directly source the rum instead of get it through brokers like many others do.
This batch was carefully selected when Pierre Naud and his father visited Arco Seco in Panama last year, they selected a high proof rum before importing it to France.
When it arrives at their distillery they used their cognac making expertise to finish the ageing of the rum and to do a slow alcohol reduction(as they do for the cognac).
Color of this one is Deep Mahogny and alcohol content is 41,3% abv.

Looking forward to taste this one and give you my thoughts on it.