Mosgaard –

Mosgaard Port wine cask Batch #2

Another expression from the lovely distillery in Denmark: Mosgaard!
I have previously loved their whiskies and craftmanship and I think this one will be a really
good one, i love wine cask whiskies and port even more.

Its made out of Danish organic malt and brewed according to their own
methods which are optimized to produce sweetness, softness and fruit notes.
It’s bottled at 48,3%ABV in 50cl bottled. The barrels used is a mix of Ruby casks and Tawny casks of only 50L.

Mosgaard Oloroso cask review

In a previous post you can reed more about this fantastic whisky. Here are a quick review:
Nose ?
Orange, chocolate, some burnt Almond, honey and the sherry is of course present.

Palate ?
Deep sherry, red dried fruits, there are some citrus in it too but cant decide if it is still orange as on the nose. Most of the flavors are placed deep back on the tongue.

Finish ?
Long with again the sherry coming through. Pleasant indeed

Conclusion ?
Very tasty, deep flavors and long finish. Yet again Mosgaard delivers and this is also a winner. Im excited for what to come from this distillery. Very well done by Mosgaard

score: 94/100

Mosgaard Organic peated whisky – bourbon cask

A favourite distillery returns on the blog! The last time i wrote about them it was for a review and the px cask finish scored very high 96/100.
So this time it is their Peated organic single malt whisky that is aging for 2 years in “first fill” French oak, giving it a beautiful dark color and exciting spicy notes.
For the past year, it has been on Ex. Bourbon casks that add to the classic vanilla flavor.

I’m really excited about this one because I liked their other whisky so much! The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills designed by Mosgaard.
The peated whisky is based on 100% organic peated barley malt.
The bourbon maturation is in small 50 liter ex. bourbon casks and its bottled at 7/34% ABV.
Not too many distilleries disclose their ppm but Mosgaard do, the peat level of this whisky is 25PPM.

A review of this one is coming up soon!

Review: Mosgaard Organic Single Malt Whisky PX Cask

Review time of Mosgaard organic single malt Pedro Ximenez Cask at 46.2% abv.
You’ll find more about this danish whisky in a previous post

Nose ?
Deep sherried, despite the higher abv I get no alcohol burn on the nose at all.
A clear sent of dried red grapes followed by plum and floral notes. This one is very pleasant on the nose. Final a hint of cinnamon and nits

Palate ?
The PX cask maturation comes through, spicy at first then some herbal and sweet bitter notes of Iranian barberry.
There is also vanilla, wood and tobacco.

Finish ?
Long and warming.
Plum, floral and some tobacco notes stays on the back of my tounge and finds it’s way up through the nose.

Conclusion ?
What can I say a dram that is totally in my preferred taste.
The nosing are amazing and the palate complements the scent with a deeper complexity thanks to the rush of spices at first followed by the Iranian berries.
The finish talks for it self.
This danish whisky is one of the best whiskies I’ve tried! They know what they are doing that’s for sure.

Score 96/100

Mosgaard Organic Single Malt Whisky PX Cask

Mosgaard Whiskey distillery is beautifully decorated in lovely surroundings on South Funen, in a beautiful and idyllically situated abandoned farm with a view of apple orchards and the Langeland Sound from our premises.
South Funen is known for its high food quality, and Mosgaard Whiskey will continue to work in this spirit to develop high quality products based on the best organic ingredients.

The distillery is a micro distillery with good craftsmanship according to Scottish tradition which ensures very high quality in our products.
Mosgaard Whiskey was founded in 2015 and owned by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard, as well as supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

This particular bottle is their Pedro Ximenez cask finish and it has a lovley color!
I have batch #5 bottled 27-11-2019 and it has a abv of 46,3%. It is made from organic Danish barley malt, which is malted to our specifications and brewed according to our own methods optimized to produce sweetness, softness and fruit notes – the taste of Funen Single Malt Whiskey.
It is first aged in French new oak and for the last 6 months its finished in Ex. Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask. This whisky got a bronze medal 2019 at the international wine and spirit competition.

I’ve tried this once before and fell in love, a proper review of this is coming up soon.