Hausberg –

Hausberg No1 Dry Gin

Hausberg produces tasty gin, all of the expressions has been a treat. This is their classic gin with a little bit stronger abv at 46.4%.
They use Coriander, Angelica Root and other assorted botanicals producing this gin called no 1.
Produced and bottled in Germany 🇩🇪

This No1 is one of 4 in their “No” series but they recently also provide Rum from barbados and Guyana.

Hausberg Gin No.2

Housberg Gin is a young company with a commitment to the distribution and development of artisan distilled spirits.
It’s a market that is growing rapidly and a bigger interest of gin has flourished around the world.
Hausberg Spirituosen is located in Bremen, Germany. I’ve been to the city a few years ago and its a great atmosphere
which probably contribution to their artisan destillation.

In their gin range they got currently 4 expressions from No1 to No4 but they also offer tasting kits and gift boxes containing
miniature bottles. The one in the picture above is their Hausberg Gin No. 2 avaliable in 3 sizes 0.7l, 0.35l and 0.1l.
Its bottled at 42.4% and it is described as the gentle and fuity gin.
This expression focuses on Seaberry, Tangerine together with other botanicals to contribute to a fresh taste.

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