Hamburg Distilling Company –

Knut Hansen dry gin

Knut hansen dry gin has special bottle art and packaging compared to other gin I’ve stumbled upon.
The majority of their botanicals come from their in region Germany. Many botanicalscomes from the fine northern Germany.
For example, the apples come from the Altes Land south of the Elbe, the basil and cucumbers are taken from the family’s own greenhouse and the rose blossoms come from the Baltic Sea dike.
They value great importance to high-quality raw materials without flavor enhancers, colorings or preservatives.
As I said before they uses Ceramic bottles which is an enviromental friendly material and the bottle is completely recyvcable.

The Dry gin is handcrafted in Haburg and has balanced nuances of cucumber, basil and citrus fruits, accompanied by juniper and fresh apples.
It is bottled at 42% ABV and comes in different sizes.