Gentle Gin –

Gentle Gin Tea Dry Blue

Gentle gin is produced from finely brewed, small batch hand crafted alcohol, from local German grain.
It is then double distilled in a traditional hand hammered copper still by master distiller
and horticultural expert Marcus O’Shea. Between distillations, their spirit is triple filtered
using Gentle Gin’s special gravity filter, producing an unbelievably smooth base spirit that blends perfectly
with our high quality botanical ingredients, directly sourced from carefully selected farmers of theirtrust.

The Gentle gin blue is their experimental expression of the standard tea dry gin.
In the classic dry tea gin they wanted to marry two of their biggest interest, fine spirit with their love to tea!
Bottled at 47% abv and containing botanicals such as borage flowers, handpicked Earl Grey
and Pai Mu Dan teas along with the standard botanicals for a gin such as Juniperm, Angelica root, orange, coriander.

The blue dry tea Contains Butterfly tea from Indonesia witch has a natural blue coloring to the spirit.
An interesting one that I’m looking forward tasting soon!