Freimeisterkollektiv –

Freimeisterkollektiv Rye whisky

Here are two whiskies From Freimeisterkollektiv, the Dark rye and Rye.
Dark Rye is Distilled Jasmin Haider. Since 2016, she has been managing her father’s distillery, founded in 1995,
the whiskey distillery J. Haider, together with her mother Monika Haider. Healthy growth and quality over
quantity is the credo of the women’s team at the head of the distillery, which is based in the village with the significant name Roggenreith (translates “rye glade”).
Jasmin Haider-Stadler is also President of the Austrian Whiskey Association. The DARK RYE 607 is their first product for FREIMEISTERKOLLEKTIV.
Its bottled at 46% abv and contains 100% rye malt. According to the label taste map it’s more towards the malty and full-bodied.

Here are some tasting notes from the distiller:

light vanilla, malty and nutty notes
Pumpernickel, subtle nutty notes, vanilla, raisins
malt, toffee, honey
The Rye also called Straight Rye whisky is distilled by Rüdiger Sasse.
The distillery in the municipality Schöppingen, Münsterland has been the family of Rüdiger Sasse for 15th generations. It was first mentioned in documents in 1707.
The history started in a brewery with a tavern, where the unused beer was distilled.
When Rüdiger Sasse takes over the business from his father, he wants to build on the passion of his grandfather and builds a historic distillery in 2004.
Since then he distills high-quality spirits from different cereals. Rüdiger Sasse is one of the pioneers responsible for a qualitative turnaround in Germans Kornbrand.
His barreled grain spirit was honored as the best whiskey in continental Europe at the 2010 International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.
And since 2017, the distillery Sasse belongs to the exquisite circle, which was awarded the title World Class Distillery at the prestigious World Spirits Awards (WSA) for three consecutive years.
It’s bottled at 48,2% abv containing 75% rye, 25 % malted barley and according to the label taste map its described as full-bodied, fruity and cereal.

Here are som tasting notes from the distiller:
hazelnut, dark chocolate, clove, apple
black pepper