Chocisky –

High Coast 63 with Chocisky chocolate

Was pairing some really good Swedish whisky, High Coast 63 with some dark chocolate from Chocisky.
High Coast Distillery is located at 63 ° N, it is one of the world’s northernmost whiskey distilleries. Just where the 63rd latitude cuts through one of our warehouse #3, we have stored this smoky, unique bottling for 63 months.

The whisky is a 63% abv and has a ppm of 63.
And has matured in 63 liter casks 63 decimeter above ground.

Because of the high proof the chocolate from chocisky takes away the burns and adds a more round taste with some sweetness combined with the well balanced smoky finish.
The whisky is fenomenal and I recommend all of you to try it!

About the chocolate Chocisky have matched our Highland Whisky Chocolate produced from beans originating from São Tomé containing 70% Cocoa content, intense red fruits and liquorice notes. Guaranteed to expose layer upon layer of exciting flavours to your Highland Whisky Chocolate pairing experience.
You can read more about this particular chocolate here