Begin Cph –

Begin Cph

Begin Copenhagen makes everything from gin with different flavors to ready to drink Gin & tonic.
I have their Gin here in front of me and it consists of 3 different types.
The original blend, lavender flower and Hibiscus flower. In the picture you see the Hibiscus one and I’m already in love with the color of this one.

Begin is a Organic Danish gin located in Hejnerup 15km south west of Køge in Denmark. The Hibiscus flower is a distilled gin with a unique color and taste, they created a gin based on their classic that includes botanicals such as juniper, angelica root and coriander.
The hibiscus flower adds more floral notes with a light sourness  and a beautiful color. Their bottles are made in small batches and hand-filled. This one is bottled at 40% abv.
The gins was carefully selected by Jesper and their first gin was delveloped in his kitchen, he started with 50 different blends and ended up with 3 ones that got to be their standards.
A gin created with love and handcraft in my opinion.

I’m really excited to try this one soon!