Bacoo 11yo rum –

Bacoo 11yo rum

A Bacoo (BAH-KU) is a mischievous mythological spirit often claimed to be found in the Caribbean.
Bacoo’s are told to be found in empty corked rum bottles floating in the
Caribbean Sea and are said to have magical powers.
Many other cultures have slight variances of names and/or
appearances of mischievous folklore characters, such as Aladdin’s “Genie of the Lamp”.

The Bacoo closely resembles a leprechaun from Celtic Mythology.
It is a dwarf like character that rewards its owner with wishes, and not just three.
A Bacoo is recognized by it’s distinctive large eyes, long arms and legs.  The Bacoo lives on bananas and milk.

Bacoo 11 year rum  –
Bacoo Rum hails from the Dominican Republic, and this one here has been aged for a whole 11 years.
It’s column distilled from molasses before it’s aged in bourbon casks.
Bright bronze color. Aromas and flavors of
chocolate toffee, caramel, and vanilla with a velvety,
medium-to-full body hint of honey finish. Bottled at 40% ABV

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