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A. Roborel De Climens Finition Sauvignon

French whisky is quite new to me and here we have a interesting whisky from the A. Roborel De climens.
It’s a french Single Malt that was first matured in French oak barrels (20% new + 80% second fill barrel) an then finished for
6-12 months in Sauvignon Blanc casks, from the Clos Floridène, a Bordeaux Graves Cru.

The whisky is bottled at 40% ABV in 50cl bottles, the whisky is made of french barley malted, brewed and distilled in France.
A. Roborel De climens also has other interesting expressions like Merlot finish, Semillon finish and the white wine Rolle.

Hyde NO. 11 Peated cask

Hyde # 11 Peated Irish Whiskey is a limited release whiskey that has been matured in ex-bourbon, first fill, flame charred, white oak casks.
Hyde is aged in the temperate climate and rugged landscape of the south west coast of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way.

A peated single Malt Irish whiskey which is both sweet and smoky on the palate with flavours of honey, pear and toasted oak,
followed by that unmistakably malt flavour, giving way to a full bodied peated Irish whiskey taste experience.
Distilled from 100% Malted IRISH barley, non-chill filtered and bottled at 43%.

Fary lochan virtuell edition # 04 – smoke & rum

This is a special virtual bottling that we are releasing in connection with Fary Lochan’s fourth virtual whiskey tasting on September 17, 2021.
This whiskey is a special edition, which is bottled in full cask strength – so therefore only 355 bottles are bottled.

The whiskey is made from our unique stinging nettle smoked spirit. It is first matured on a bourbon barrel (200 liters) and then given a finish on a used rum dish.
A really delicious whiskey, which is uniquely released for this tasting!

Distillate : Brewed on stinging nettle – smoked Danish barley malt
Smoke: Yes – stinging nettle smoke
Age: 8 years
Alcohol strength: 60.3% vol. (Barrel strength)
Dishes: Ripe 6 years and 6 months on 1 pc. 1 pc fill bourbon barrel
Finish: 1 year and 6 months on 1 pc. 2 nd fill rum dish
Taste: Oiled whiskey with notes of citrus, malt, bourbon vanilla and tropical fruits. A pleasant aftertaste of the unique stinging nettle smoke that lingers in the mouth for a long time

Number of bottles (50 cl): 355 pcs. (numbered)

Athru single cask release 16yo PX

Conceived in Ireland and built in Italy, they use state of the art equipment and energy capture technology to produce the highest quality Irish single malt.
Capable of producing over one million litres of alcohol per annum, every drop from their three hand-crafted copper stills is triple distilled in the finest Irish tradition.

I’m very luckly to get to try this lovely expression and a review will come up on instagram soon.
Drawn from a single ex Pedro Ximenez sweet sherry barrel, this sticky whiskey oozes dark sugars and dried fruits. The cask yielded just 280 bottles at 56.5%
Cask type: first fill, Pedro Ximenez Sherry barrel (300 litres)
Cask yield: 280 bottles / 56.5% ABV
Distilled date: Jul 2004
Bottled: May 2021 (16 years old)

Ardmore 20yo 1996

Ardmore 20yo vintage 1996 is a whisky bottled 2017, it has been aged in 1st Fill Bourbon Casks & Ex-Islay Casks and has a avb of 49,3%.
I haven’t tried much from Ardmore and this 20 year old whisky hopefully will impress.

Here are some tasting notes from Master of malt

Nose: Earthy peat is present from the start, with clean citrus notes of melon and lemon underneath.
Chocolate digestives, honey, red apple and old oak round off an impressive nose.
Palate: Peppery peat develops more, not drying, but heating and softening the palate to reveal a robust vanilla that maintains among flares of flamed orange peel.
Crushed summer berries and Scottish alfresco notes of freshly Scots pine and thick, meadow grass join with aplomb.
Finish: A light, honey’d finish, elegant peat carries throughout that lets a needed sweetness permeate, with the gentle presence of a sprig of rosemary.

Hausberg No1 Dry Gin

Hausberg produces tasty gin, all of the expressions has been a treat. This is their classic gin with a little bit stronger abv at 46.4%.
They use Coriander, Angelica Root and other assorted botanicals producing this gin called no 1.
Produced and bottled in Germany 🇩🇪

This No1 is one of 4 in their “No” series but they recently also provide Rum from barbados and Guyana.

Black Irish whiskey with stout

Black Irish is a whiskey spirit drink at its darkest.
Triple distilled Irish whiskey aged in deep-charred American oak barrels meets black Irish stout,
dark chocolate malt, roasted barley and spice.
The result is an unmistakably smooth whiskey enchanted with heady notes of coffee, bitter chocolate and spice.
Perfect straight, over ice, or with your favourite mixer.

This is not the usual whisky spirit that I post about but Im really excited to try new stuff and whisky is someting I like
and the same for stout so combo could only be better.

Lambertus Single Cask

The Lambertus Single Cask Whisky is issued from a rigorous selection of the best barrels and bottled without chill filtering at 48.4% vol.
Every numbered bottle contains a maximum of aromatic energy and concentration, a privilege which is usually reserved for the master distiller only.
Attractive by its delicate complexity, the Lambertus Single Cask Whisky perfectly expresses a very special kind of originality.
It’s also as their previous releases single grain expression.

The nine springs single malt whisky

In the middle of the year 2013 the Neunspringer brewery in Worbis, Thuringia, startet to distill their first single malt whisky.
Four different cask types are used for maturation – virgin American oak, sherry casks, red wine casks from Bordeaux and ex-Bourbon casks.
The first bottled single malt whisky is available since June 2016. It got it’s name “The Nine Springs” from the legendary nine springs of the town.

This bottling is their 3 year old malt triple cask matured batch #10, casked used are American Virgin Oak, Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Bordeaux.
Bottled at 46% and in small batch.

Notes from the distillery:
On the nose it is very malty, ripe fruity with peach and prune, subtly spicy like clove and cardamom with a lot of vanilla and a little dark chocolate.
With the first sip you can feel a powerful spicy approach, intense notes of a dried fig, pleasant roasted notes of cocoa beans and a soft sweetness.

The whiskey ends voluminously with a slightly bitter tannin structure, spicy notes tingle for a long time in the throat.

Duncan Taylor Aultmore 12yo

Duncan Taylor has its origins in Glasgow where the company was initially a merchant and broker of Scotch whisky casks within the Industry.
Devotion to the principle of providing only the finest casks to be filled at Scotland’s leading distilleries has been a key feature of the company’s history.
Duncan Taylor has been laying down casks from premium Scottish distilleries for decades and
now owns one of the largest privately held collections of vintage and rare scotch whisky casks.

This bottling is a whisky from Aultmore aged in 12 years, distilled 2008 and bottled 2021.
They does not reveal excalty what type of cask it is more than it is a sherry cask matured whisky. If I would have guessed on the color its not a first fill cask.
Cask nr is #95900330 and only 354 bottled produced at 54.5 % ABV.