June 2021 – thewhiskyof.today

Berlin dry gin

About the distillery Berliner Brandstifter:

Berliner Brandstifter is committed to the development and production of exceptionally fine distillates which truly embody the spirit of Berlin.
A native Berliner, Vincent Honrodt is carrying forth his family’s legacy in the spirits industry, rooted in the early 1900s.
It was at this time that his great grandfather began distilling spirits for friends and family using only regional ingredients of the highest quality.
A German wheat distillate categorized as quality class 1 provides the alcohol base for both the Berliner Brandstifter Kornbrand and the Berlin Dry Gin.

The berlin dry gin comes in 3 different bottle sizes, 10cl, 35cl and 70cl. The botanicals included in the gin
are cultivated and handpicked on the Berliner Speisegut farm in Gatow.
Their gin production is limited to 9’999 bottles annualy. It’s said to be focused towards
the juniper characteristics but also soft and floral. I’m exited to try some german gin again
and it usually does not dissapoint

Grand Kadoo rum 3 years old

A blend of pot and column still rums tropically aged for a minimum of 3 years in American oak ex-whiskey barrels.
The ‘tropical’ Bajan climate, maximises and accelerates the effects of maturation.

The result:
an aroma of creme brûlée, dried apricot, ripe banana and sweet grass with the taste of brown sugar, banana, coconut, praline and mint with a hazelnut, lemon and vanilla finish.

Perfect drink to this rum according to me is a Dark and stormy, you will need:
10cl Kadoo rum
20cl Ginger beer
6cl fresh squeezed lime juice.

Serve in a tall glass with large icecubes and decorate with a lime wedge.

Sønderborg Gin

Sønderborg Distillery is placed in the central part of Sønderborg city with the view to Island of Als and Alssund.
With a passion for gin we started our own distillery February 2018 as the first distillery in the Southern part of Jutland.
It all starts back in 2015, when Carsten and Morten visit different distilleries while traveling abroad.
2 years and several visits later, Mads gets involved, and the 3 colleagues agree to start a distillery

They do 100% organic production using 40 liter distills with everything done by hand. Currently they
produce 4 differen gin the Als gin, Dybbøl Gin, Sønderborg Gin and Genforeningsgin the last one is a limited edition release.
The gin in the picture above is their Sønderborg Gin and this one goes toward the most classic flavors of a gin
using botanicals such as coriander, cardamom, lemon, angelica and cinnamon. Bottled at 44% AVB.

I love to get to try smaller production gins like this one and let them shine for the amazing craftmanship they do.
Also they have one several prices on each of their gins so this is something special!