August 2020 –

Tomintoul 12 oloroso sherry cask finish

A Gentle 12yo dram from Tomintoul, this limited edition is bottled at 40% abv.
Tomintoul is produced in speyside glenlivet, Scotland and they have been making whisky in this region for four generations.
Their master distiller Robert Fleming has carefully selected and tasted to create this dram which gives it a nice sherry sweetness and creamyness.

Warm gold.

Round, creamy with subtle hints of sherry sweetness.

Soft, smooth and elegant style with delicate sherry presence.

Mellow, soothing.

Tomintoul 14yo High Strength

Tomintoul Distillery is located inside the picturesque Glenlivet estate, within the whisky producing region of Speyside. The distillery is named after the nearby village of Tomintoul, the highest village in the Highlands of Scotland.

Tomintoul Distillery was built in 1964. The distillery uses traditional techniques that stretch back hundreds of years, to make their award-winning single malt, “the gentle dram”. The natural environment, fresh air and pure water all add to a uniquely smooth and mellow spirit.

Tomintoul Whisky is a testament to their Master Distiller, Robert Fleming, whose family has been making whisky in the Speyside Glenlivet region for four generations. He began working in the whisky industry in 1974, and worked for a number of different distilleries until coming to Tomintoul, where he has been for over 20 years. Robert is responsible for all aspects of production and is very passionate about making exceptional Scotch Whisky.

Their 14yo is bottled at 46% abv no chill-filtration and no colouring, aged in ex-bourbon casks. Some notes about the whisky(not my own notes): Very spicy. There is some cedar, cinnamon, clove and floral notes. But also Golden apple and vanilla.

Im returning to you with a review on my instagram later on.

Destillerie Radermacher 1836 Barrel Aged Gin

Founded in 1836, Radermacher Distillery is the oldest distillery in Belgium.
1836 Organic Barrel Aged Gin is without a doubt one of the most talented expressions of a nearly two centuries old know-how.

Made of an infusion with classic gin aromatics – juniper berries, coriander, orange and lemon peel, rosemary,
aniseed and sweet-scented bedstraw – in a distillate of certified organic grain,
the 1836 Organic Barrel Aged Gin rests for a period of 6 months in an oak barrel of the belgian whisky Lambertus.

Aroma and taste from the distillery:
Its floral bouquet owes its complexity to a
secret blend of spices and herbs.
Magnifi cent and delicate attack moving
towards a rich and fl oral fi nish. Of a harmonious and smooth concentration, the aromatic
richness is supported in its incredible length
by a wonderful wooden note.

A nice gin that gives the classic GT a bit more complexity because of the barrel age process.

Sir Edmond Gin

Their story:

Flamingo’s are curious creatures. How I know? Because I am one. You can call me Sir Edmond, creator of the world’s first vanilla infused gin.
Being a migratory bird from the island of Réunion, vanilla capital of the world, it made sense to me to create a gin that honours and
evolves around one of the most valued flavors in world history and the botanical I adore the most, vanilla.
I took inspiration from how the world’s best haute cuisine chefs use spices to perform culinary magic, in how to create this truly distinctive gin.

These are the botanicals they use:

The gin has won master medal in gin masters 2017. Its bottled at 40%abv and comes in 70cl bottles, they recently did a expansion of their sales to
16 more EU countries and Sweden is one of them. Really excited to try this bourbon vanilla infused gin!

Pure Scot by Bladnoch

Created by Bladnoch’s master distiller Ian MacMillan, Pure Scot is a blended Scotch whisky which combines whisky from the aforementioned Bladnoch with whisky from Speyside, the Highlands and Islay. Inspired by 200 years of rich heritage from Bladnoch Distillery, Pure Scot is our fresh take on Whisky. Pure Scot is their highly-awarded Blended Scotch Whisky that is spicy, smooth and refreshing. Bottled at 40% abv, 50cl

A trailblazer in his own right, David Prior is an Australian businessman, surfer and long-time Scotch Whisky lover. In 2015, David Prior became the first Australian to own a Scotch Whisky distillery.Its home, Bladnoch Distillery, tucked away in the rugged Scottish Lowlands, is where Pure Scot is brought to life.

Begin Cph

Begin Copenhagen makes everything from gin with different flavors to ready to drink Gin & tonic.
I have their Gin here in front of me and it consists of 3 different types.
The original blend, lavender flower and Hibiscus flower. In the picture you see the Hibiscus one and I’m already in love with the color of this one.

Begin is a Organic Danish gin located in Hejnerup 15km south west of Køge in Denmark. The Hibiscus flower is a distilled gin with a unique color and taste, they created a gin based on their classic that includes botanicals such as juniper, angelica root and coriander.
The hibiscus flower adds more floral notes with a light sourness  and a beautiful color. Their bottles are made in small batches and hand-filled. This one is bottled at 40% abv.
The gins was carefully selected by Jesper and their first gin was delveloped in his kitchen, he started with 50 different blends and ended up with 3 ones that got to be their standards.
A gin created with love and handcraft in my opinion.

I’m really excited to try this one soon!

Stork club Straight rye

About Stork Club Whisky

Stork club whisky is described as a down to earth whisky with 100% german rye. It’s small batch distilled and triple cask aged handmande in Germany.

With the newly launched “Stork Club” whisky range, consisting of a straight rye whisky, a single malt whisky and single-cask fillings, the SpreeWood Distillers have focus on selective cask management and the unusual microclimate of the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. This micro-climate with its seasonal temperature differences, unusually pronounced for Central Europe, ensures intensive interaction of the distillate with the casks and leaves a unique character in the whisky.

The grain for the distillate is supplied by Germany’s breadbasket, right on the distillery’s doorstep: Brandenburg. Even American rye whisky producers trust in the quality of the rye cultivated here. The whiskies currently mature in bourbon and sherry casks, as well as in white wine casks of selected German wine-growers. In parallel with this, in cooperation with international experts, we are working on a type of cask management that is revolutionary for Germany.

All whiskies are filled without the addition of colourings and flavourings and without using cold filtration.
Incidentally, “Stork Club” is the emblem of the region, dedicated to the stork. In spring, many stork couples find a breeding place around the distillery: the Club of Storks was born!

STORK CLUB Straight Rye Whiskey is bottled  at 700ml / 45% abv. Here are some notes from the distillery:

Flavour profile
Caramel and spices, dark chocolate with a hint of espressoCasks
First Fill American Oak & German Napoleon Oak

The perfect partner for whiskey highballs and cocktails!