April 2020 – thewhiskyof.today

Raasay distillery While we wait 2018

Waited too long for this one but last night I finally got to pour a dram of this lovley expression.
It’s 46% abv. More info about the bottle and distillery in a previous post.

Nose ?
Vanilla, hint of smoke, coconut flakes, pleasant soft and creamy scent, dried rassins

Palate ?
Suprises on the palate, explosive of peat smoke, not heavy but powerful. Fruity, nutty, I’m out of words to describe

Finish ?
Very long, pleasant, lingers on the tongue, the rassins, nuttynes stays with you along with well balanced peat smoke.

Conclusion ?
Reminds me of of high coast 63, I’m very impressed with it and it has splitted 1’st place with the high coast 63 in the not heavy peated range.
I’m very very curious of their new release that is coming soon I believe?

Score : 95/100

Glen Keith Distillery edition

Glen Keith distillery edition is my quick tip for today.
The year 2000 the chivas Brothers closed the Glen Keith distillery but after a complete renovation it was again opened in 2013.
The Glen Keith distillery edition is a NAS bottled at 40%abv. It comes from the speyside region an is triple distilled which is quite unusual for a speyside distillery.

some apples andcaramel. A powerfull scent of  creamy vanilla almost as a better vanilla ice cream that is towards the yellow color instead of white with some black spots in it.
The alcohol is not that noticeble and the dram is not that complex, probably because of it’s youth.

Palate follows the same pattern more creamyness and loads of vanilla. A easy dram to sip but not that complex. The oak is present in the taste along with the malyness.

A good every day dram with a nice vanilla punch. It’s also a good whisky to people who has just started with whisky.

Douglas Laing’s Ardbeg Mortlach 10yo double barrel

This is a new Green Welly Stop Exclusive featuring two single malt Titans from different ends of the spectrum!
Peat mixed with Honey and Grist… an amazing combination!Both the Ardbeg and Mortlach have been aged for a minimum of 10 years.

This bottling features some Ardbeg & Mortlach and each of these single malts are married together from just one single selected cask.
Bottled in a traditionally old fashioned style, without chill filtration so that all taste facets are enhanced, these malts have waited 10 long and slow years in cold, dark scottish warehouses.
At 46% this single malt blend is something unique.

The Duppy Share spiced caribbean rum with pineapple & kola nut

The Duppy Share was created from a blend of three-year-old Jamaican rum and five-year-old Barbados rum, which were aged in Bourbon barrels and then bottled in London.
The new Duppy Share Spiced was developed with Robin Honhold, former head of operations at Mr Lyan, which manages venues such as Lyaness and Cub in London. Honhold is also the co-founder of drinks innovation team A/O.

“Spiced rum has had a bad reputation in the past for being super sweet and packed so full of flavourings that you can’t even tell that it’s a rum. We wanted to forge a different path to advance the category and show consumers how good a spiced rum can be.”

The spiced variant is made with a base of aged rum from Jamaica’s Worthy Park and Barbados distillery Foursquare.
The 37.5% ABV expression has been created to be an “accessible, versatile craft rum with a blend of spices” that are designed to stand up in mixers such as ginger, soda and cola.
The Duppy is celebrated in this new, quirky rum, which offers lots of easy drinking fruit and vanilla character, ending with a lovely spicy finish.