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HYDE Irish Whiskey sample box

About HYDE

The HYDE family have been involved in the Irish drinks business for over twelve generations since 1640. HYDE is presidential quality Irish whiskey named in honour of Ireland’s very first president Douglas Hyde. President HYDE was an inspirational figure who helped to define Ireland’s national identity.

At HYDE we carefully hand select only the very finest Irish whiskey, made by only the very best Irish whiskey distilleries, which we then finish in vintage oak casks which we source directly from distilleries and bodegas around the world. HYDE premium Irish whiskey is bottled in small limited edition batches and non-chill filtered for a more original character. We apply specific charring levels to our vintage oak casks in order to create a whiskey that is rich in character and truly unique in taste.

The three samples I received from hyde were:
– HYDE No. 8 Heritage cask – It’s a Stout cask finished whiskey bottled at 46% ABV.
HYDE No. 6 President’s reserve – It’s a blended Irish Whiskey much older single malt & 8 year old single grain finished in sherry casks, bottled at 46% ABV.
– HYDE No. 1 President’s Cask – It’s a single malt Irish whiskey aged for 10 years and is finished in sherry casks, bottled at 46% ABV.

Review of these will come in the future.

Mosgaard Organic Single Malt Whisky PX Cask

Mosgaard Whiskey distillery is beautifully decorated in lovely surroundings on South Funen, in a beautiful and idyllically situated abandoned farm with a view of apple orchards and the Langeland Sound from our premises.
South Funen is known for its high food quality, and Mosgaard Whiskey will continue to work in this spirit to develop high quality products based on the best organic ingredients.

The distillery is a micro distillery with good craftsmanship according to Scottish tradition which ensures very high quality in our products.
Mosgaard Whiskey was founded in 2015 and owned by Gitte and Jes Mosgaard, as well as supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

This particular bottle is their Pedro Ximenez cask finish and it has a lovley color!
I have batch #5 bottled 27-11-2019 and it has a abv of 46,3%. It is made from organic Danish barley malt, which is malted to our specifications and brewed according to our own methods optimized to produce sweetness, softness and fruit notes – the taste of Funen Single Malt Whiskey.
It is first aged in French new oak and for the last 6 months its finished in Ex. Pedro Ximenez Sherry cask. This whisky got a bronze medal 2019 at the international wine and spirit competition.

I’ve tried this once before and fell in love, a proper review of this is coming up soon.

Fary Lochan Efterår Batch #3 danish single malt whisky

Fary Lochan distillery was founded on the 18th of december 2009.
In 2019, Fary Lochan received the finest seal of approval when it was acknowledged by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society(SMWS).
The whisky was given the rare and exclusive “Premium” label by the SMWS, it’s the first distillery Denmark to receive this label.

Fary Lochan’s single malt whisky is distilled in original Scottish pot stills and only danish malt is used in their whiskies.
They are the first and only distillery in the world to use fresh nettles to smoke their whisky malt.

This Particular whisky is called Efterår which means autumn in english. It’s batch nr 3, this batch was filled 19 november 2013 in hogshead oloroso sherry casks and bottled 19 november 2019.
I have bottle #268 and a total of  535 produced bottles. The Efterår contains 1% smoked barley.
A review of this beauty is coming soon, stay tuned!

Link to the whisky here.

Fary Lochan Classic Gin

Fary Lochan Distillery is first and foremost a whiskey distillery that started in 2009 by Jens-Erik Jørgensen.
Today, the three siblings and their mother is running the distillery. The past years they’ve added more than only whisky to their production.

The development of other delicious products is for example their Gin. They’ve made all of their gin varieties light and fresh, so that they dress for every occasion and gathering.
The Classic Gin includes citrus and cucumber which gives a fresh and pleasant scent and taste that will send you on holiday thoughts at the first tear.
The mild taste allows this gin to be easily drank clean or in a tonic or lemon drink.

I’ll do a review or cocktail-tip about this gin soon!

Read more about the Classic Gin here.

Ceiftain’s Ardbeg 12y 1998

Had the opportunity to try this dram last Saturday thanks to Måns.
Chieftain’s 1998, Ardbeg 12yo 43% abv.
Bottled by Ian Macleod.

Quick review:
Nose ?
Pleasant smoke with some sweet notes and some sea salt.

Palate ?
The smoke is quite the same on the palate not weaker or stronger, hints banana and overall pretty smooth.

Finish ?
Medium long. Some floral notes comes through ?

Overall a good one but nothing extra over the top. It could be that this was like the 8th peated whisky I tried and maybe i was quite numb of all the whiskies I’ve tried.
This was baought on an acution, because its quite rare and not produced anymore.

Fidra Scottish Coastal Gin

Fidra Scottish Coastal Gin is a dry gin made by Inshriach Distillery, Scotland.
Bottled at 42% ABV and made in small batches.

Their story

Inspired by the stunning East Lothian coastline and landscape that surrounds us, we have worked together since 2017 to make our dream of Fidra Gin a reality.
Using a variety of hand-picked and home grown botanicals, including rosehip, sea buckthorn and lemon thyme we wanted to create a delicious, locally foraged dry gin.
The winter of 2017 was spent perfecting our recipe on a tiny 5-litre still – and Fidra Gin was officially launched in September 2018.

A proper review or cocktail tip is coming soon!

G-whisky stout cask review

Short review of the g-whisky stout cask finish 50,1% abv by skånska spritfabriken.
? Color is dark like rusty copper, probably because of the stout cask but it has also been aged in olorosso casks which often give a darker color to the whisky.

Nose ?
Woody, some sweet notes then some red dried fruits, chocolate by the stout finish and a little alcohol burn.

Palate ?
You get some good spicyness right of the bat followed by some sweet caramel and a underlaying sherry influence.

Finish ?
The finish is quite short but the spicy notes lingers on the tongue a while.

After letting it sit for a while you get more of the sweeter notes and I would recommend it to open up for a while before sipping it.
Overall a good whisky that I could share with someone that wants more of a punch in the whisky that is not peaty.

G-whisky stout cask

G-whisky stout cask is a spirit from Skånska spritfabriken. It’t a non peated whisky with notes of caramel, toasted oak, chocolate and dried fruits.

All the raw materials to create this whisky is from Skåne in Sweden, it is distilled in France in a Alambic still then aged in Sweden for about 4 and a half years then bottled at Södra Sandby in Sweden.

The whisky is aged in a mix of casks: New french oaks, used Red wine casks, olorosso sherry casks and then finished in stout casks hence the name g-Whisky stout cask.

The whiksky is bottled at 50,1% ABV and only 977 bottles exists.

Mini-review: G-gin kaffe with tonic

G-gin kaffe a gin with taste of coffee.

I tasted this spirit first pure without any mixing. I get a clear notes of the juniper but also citrus and a weak hint of coffee at the end.

I mixed this with ekobryggeriets tonic with a taste of spruce shoots and it gave it a new dimension with a nose of Swedish forest combined with juniper and the orange slice ??

A great gin for a GT!

The g-Gin Kaffe from Skånska spritfabriken

Skånska Spritfabriken har nyligen lanserat en ny G-gin denna gången i sammarbete med Sanby kafferosteri. Det är deras g-Gin London dry som de tillsatt rostad kaffeböna, svartpeppar och kardemumma för att få fram den speciella g-Gin kaffe.

Det är en begränsad utgåva och det finns totalt 1050 flaskor, alkoholhalten ligger på 41.5%
En review på denna gin kommer inom snar framtid.

A newly released g-Gin from Skånska Spritfabriken is a collaboration with Sandby kafferosteri. They have added roasted coffee bean, cardamom and black pepper to produce the special g-Gin Kaffe.

It’s a limited release and only 1050 bottles is produced. The abv on this gin is 41.5%.
A review of this new gin is coming shortly.