A. Roborel De Climens Finition Sauvignon

French whisky is quite new to me and here we have a interesting whisky from the A. Roborel De climens.
It’s a french Single Malt that was first matured in French oak barrels (20% new + 80% second fill barrel) an then finished for
6-12 months in Sauvignon Blanc casks, from the Clos Floridène, a Bordeaux Graves Cru.

The whisky is bottled at 40% ABV in 50cl bottles, the whisky is made of french barley malted, brewed and distilled in France.
A. Roborel De climens also has other interesting expressions like Merlot finish, Semillon finish and the white wine Rolle.

Roborel De Climens
Hyde NO. 11 Peated cask
Hyde # 11 Peated Irish Whiskey is a limited release whiskey that has been matured in ex-bourbon, first fill, flame charred, white oak casks.
Hyde is aged in the temperate climate and rugged landscape of the south west coast of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way.

A peated single Malt Irish whiskey which is both sweet and smoky on the palate with flavours of honey, pear and toasted oak,
followed by that unmistakably malt flavour, giving way to a full bodied peated Irish whiskey taste experience.
Distilled from 100% Malted IRISH barley, non-chill filtered and bottled at 43%.
Hyde whiskey
Fary lochan virtuell edition # 04 – smoke & rum

This is a special virtual bottling that we are releasing in connection with Fary Lochan’s fourth virtual whiskey tasting on September 17, 2021.
This whiskey is a special edition, which is bottled in full cask strength – so therefore only 355 bottles are bottled.

The whiskey is made from our unique stinging nettle smoked spirit. It is first matured on a bourbon barrel (200 liters) and then given a finish on a used rum dish.
A really delicious whiskey, which is uniquely released for this tasting!

Distillate : Brewed on stinging nettle – smoked Danish barley malt
Smoke: Yes – stinging nettle smoke
Age: 8 years
Alcohol strength: 60.3% vol. (Barrel strength)
Dishes: Ripe 6 years and 6 months on 1 pc. 1 pc fill bourbon barrel
Finish: 1 year and 6 months on 1 pc. 2 nd fill rum dish
Taste: Oiled whiskey with notes of citrus, malt, bourbon vanilla and tropical fruits. A pleasant aftertaste of the unique stinging nettle smoke that lingers in the mouth for a long time

Number of bottles (50 cl): 355 pcs. (numbered)

Athru single cask release 16yo PX

Conceived in Ireland and built in Italy, they use state of the art equipment and energy capture technology to produce the highest quality Irish single malt.
Capable of producing over one million litres of alcohol per annum, every drop from their three hand-crafted copper stills is triple distilled in the finest Irish tradition.

I’m very luckly to get to try this lovely expression and a review will come up on instagram soon.
Drawn from a single ex Pedro Ximenez sweet sherry barrel, this sticky whiskey oozes dark sugars and dried fruits. The cask yielded just 280 bottles at 56.5%
Cask type: first fill, Pedro Ximenez Sherry barrel (300 litres)
Cask yield: 280 bottles / 56.5% ABV
Distilled date: Jul 2004
Bottled: May 2021 (16 years old)

Arthu single cask
Ardmore 20yo 1996

Ardmore 20yo vintage 1996 is a whisky bottled 2017, it has been aged in 1st Fill Bourbon Casks & Ex-Islay Casks and has a avb of 49,3%.
I haven’t tried much from Ardmore and this 20 year old whisky hopefully will impress.

Here are some tasting notes from Master of malt

Nose: Earthy peat is present from the start, with clean citrus notes of melon and lemon underneath.
Chocolate digestives, honey, red apple and old oak round off an impressive nose.
Palate: Peppery peat develops more, not drying, but heating and softening the palate to reveal a robust vanilla that maintains among flares of flamed orange peel.
Crushed summer berries and Scottish alfresco notes of freshly Scots pine and thick, meadow grass join with aplomb.
Finish: A light, honey’d finish, elegant peat carries throughout that lets a needed sweetness permeate, with the gentle presence of a sprig of rosemary.

Master of malt
Hausberg No1 Dry Gin

Hausberg produces tasty gin, all of the expressions has been a treat. This is their classic gin with a little bit stronger abv at 46.4%.
They use Coriander, Angelica Root and other assorted botanicals producing this gin called no 1.
Produced and bottled in Germany 🇩🇪

This No1 is one of 4 in their “No” series but they recently also provide Rum from barbados and Guyana.

Hausberg website
Black Irish whiskey with stout

Black Irish is a whiskey spirit drink at its darkest.
Triple distilled Irish whiskey aged in deep-charred American oak barrels meets black Irish stout,
dark chocolate malt, roasted barley and spice.
The result is an unmistakably smooth whiskey enchanted with heady notes of coffee, bitter chocolate and spice.
Perfect straight, over ice, or with your favourite mixer.

This is not the usual whisky spirit that I post about but Im really excited to try new stuff and whisky is someting I like
and the same for stout so combo could only be better.

Black Irish whiskey
Lambertus Single Cask

The Lambertus Single Cask Whisky is issued from a rigorous selection of the best barrels and bottled without chill filtering at 48.4% vol.
Every numbered bottle contains a maximum of aromatic energy and concentration, a privilege which is usually reserved for the master distiller only.
Attractive by its delicate complexity, the Lambertus Single Cask Whisky perfectly expresses a very special kind of originality.
It’s also as their previous releases single grain expression.

Lambertus Single cask
The nine springs single malt whisky

In the middle of the year 2013 the Neunspringer brewery in Worbis, Thuringia, startet to distill their first single malt whisky.
Four different cask types are used for maturation – virgin American oak, sherry casks, red wine casks from Bordeaux and ex-Bourbon casks.
The first bottled single malt whisky is available since June 2016. It got it’s name “The Nine Springs” from the legendary nine springs of the town.

This bottling is their 3 year old malt triple cask matured batch #10, casked used are American Virgin Oak, Ex-Bourbon, Ex-Bordeaux.
Bottled at 46% and in small batch.

Notes from the distillery:
On the nose it is very malty, ripe fruity with peach and prune, subtly spicy like clove and cardamom with a lot of vanilla and a little dark chocolate.
With the first sip you can feel a powerful spicy approach, intense notes of a dried fig, pleasant roasted notes of cocoa beans and a soft sweetness.

The whiskey ends voluminously with a slightly bitter tannin structure, spicy notes tingle for a long time in the throat.

The nine springs whisky
Duncan Taylor Aultmore 12yo

Duncan Taylor has its origins in Glasgow where the company was initially a merchant and broker of Scotch whisky casks within the Industry.
Devotion to the principle of providing only the finest casks to be filled at Scotland’s leading distilleries has been a key feature of the company’s history.
Duncan Taylor has been laying down casks from premium Scottish distilleries for decades and
now owns one of the largest privately held collections of vintage and rare scotch whisky casks.

This bottling is a whisky from Aultmore aged in 12 years, distilled 2008 and bottled 2021.
They does not reveal excalty what type of cask it is more than it is a sherry cask matured whisky. If I would have guessed on the color its not a first fill cask.
Cask nr is #95900330 and only 354 bottled produced at 54.5 % ABV.

1836 Pink Gin

Radermacher distillery has released a pink gin and as always the golor of the gin together with the bottle makes it look stunning.
The pink gin is produced by 100% organic ingredients and the pink color is achieved by adding some organic cherries.
The nose is delicate and perfumed with an interesting combination of juniper berry and maraschino cherry.
The palate is a fruity and floral punch, which gradually reveals a variety of spicy notes.

This expresstion is bottled at 37,5% ABV and contains botanicals like cherry, juniper berries, orange peel, bergamot, cardamom, elderfl ower and lemon peel.

1836 Pink gin
Kirker & Gerer Shamrock Irish Whiskey

A triple distilled blended whiskey from Belfast’s Kirker & Greer, a marriage of both grain and malt whiskies that have been rested in first-fill bourbon casks.
Shamrock has aromas of toffee apples, buttery croissants, brown sugar, marmalade and white flowers.
The palate offers notes of caramel milk chocolate, honeyed apples, white peppers and creamy vanilla.

The blend consists of whiskey from four different regions  Leinster, Ulkster, munster, connacht,
Its a mix of first fill bourbon barrels and oloroso barrel (5,8%) there is also 2.8 % peated malt in this blend.

Kirker and Geer Shamrock
Helsing Dry Gin

Helsing dry gin is a small batch produced gin made in Helsingborg, Sweden.
It’s a Juniper focused gin with some extra push on the coriander and citrus notes in the final product.
The distillery Lilla Spritfabriken produces other stuff too like akvavit and punch.

The Helsing dry gin first launched on systembolaget in sweden 3 may and has been sold out because of it popularity.
Their batches are really small with only 300 bottle a time and is done manually by hand. After the destillation the spirit is
80% abv and then watered down to 43% ABV.

Beautiful label and very interesting to try more from micro distilleries like this one!

Helsing Dry Gin
Berlin dry gin

About the distillery Berliner Brandstifter:

Berliner Brandstifter is committed to the development and production of exceptionally fine distillates which truly embody the spirit of Berlin.
A native Berliner, Vincent Honrodt is carrying forth his family’s legacy in the spirits industry, rooted in the early 1900s.
It was at this time that his great grandfather began distilling spirits for friends and family using only regional ingredients of the highest quality.
A German wheat distillate categorized as quality class 1 provides the alcohol base for both the Berliner Brandstifter Kornbrand and the Berlin Dry Gin.

The berlin dry gin comes in 3 different bottle sizes, 10cl, 35cl and 70cl. The botanicals included in the gin
are cultivated and handpicked on the Berliner Speisegut farm in Gatow.
Their gin production is limited to 9’999 bottles annualy. It’s said to be focused towards
the juniper characteristics but also soft and floral. I’m exited to try some german gin again
and it usually does not dissapoint

Berlin dry Gin
Grand Kadoo rum 3 years old

A blend of pot and column still rums tropically aged for a minimum of 3 years in American oak ex-whiskey barrels.
The ‘tropical’ Bajan climate, maximises and accelerates the effects of maturation.

The result:
an aroma of creme brûlée, dried apricot, ripe banana and sweet grass with the taste of brown sugar, banana, coconut, praline and mint with a hazelnut, lemon and vanilla finish.

Perfect drink to this rum according to me is a Dark and stormy, you will need:
10cl Kadoo rum
20cl Ginger beer
6cl fresh squeezed lime juice.

Serve in a tall glass with large icecubes and decorate with a lime wedge.

Kadoo Rum
Sønderborg Gin

Sønderborg Distillery is placed in the central part of Sønderborg city with the view to Island of Als and Alssund.
With a passion for gin we started our own distillery February 2018 as the first distillery in the Southern part of Jutland.
It all starts back in 2015, when Carsten and Morten visit different distilleries while traveling abroad.
2 years and several visits later, Mads gets involved, and the 3 colleagues agree to start a distillery

They do 100% organic production using 40 liter distills with everything done by hand. Currently they
produce 4 differen gin the Als gin, Dybbøl Gin, Sønderborg Gin and Genforeningsgin the last one is a limited edition release.
The gin in the picture above is their Sønderborg Gin and this one goes toward the most classic flavors of a gin
using botanicals such as coriander, cardamom, lemon, angelica and cinnamon. Bottled at 44% AVB.

I love to get to try smaller production gins like this one and let them shine for the amazing craftmanship they do.
Also they have one several prices on each of their gins so this is something special!

Sonderborg Gin
Knut Hansen dry gin

Knut hansen dry gin has special bottle art and packaging compared to other gin I’ve stumbled upon.
The majority of their botanicals come from their in region Germany. Many botanicalscomes from the fine northern Germany.
For example, the apples come from the Altes Land south of the Elbe, the basil and cucumbers are taken from the family’s own greenhouse and the rose blossoms come from the Baltic Sea dike.
They value great importance to high-quality raw materials without flavor enhancers, colorings or preservatives.
As I said before they uses Ceramic bottles which is an enviromental friendly material and the bottle is completely recyvcable.

The Dry gin is handcrafted in Haburg and has balanced nuances of cucumber, basil and citrus fruits, accompanied by juniper and fresh apples.
It is bottled at 42% ABV and comes in different sizes.


Knut Hansen Gin
Glencadam 15yo 46%

Glencadam is a small distillery compared with other scottish distilleries,
it’s located in the east of the highland region that is owned by Angus Dundee distiller since 2003.
Glencadam distilled their first spirit 1825 and was founded by George Cooper. Because of production stop somewhere between 2000-2003
Their 15yo dissapeared from the marked for a while but is back in their core range. What i like about them is that they have many age stated
whiskies in their core range which is not that usual now days.

Glencadam 15yo is a highland single malt aged in aged in oak barrels for 15 years. There is no chill filtration and no coloring added and its bottled
at 46% abv to give you some more strength and lift the flavours which I prefer!

Glencadam 15
Tomintoul 10

As the bottle says this is also anothe gentle dram from Tomintoul, aged for 10 years in
ex bourbon casks. The abv on this one is 40% and was first introduced to their range back in 2002.
This bottle is available in both 70cl and 100cl depending on market. The dram has won several priced since launch and been
in the game for a while now.

After searching for several years for the purest natural water in Scotland, they discovered the Ballantruan Spring.
For millions of years, this water has flowed through the mountain near Tomintoul, the highest village in the highlands.
In the heart of the Speyside Glenlivet region, Tomintoul’s distillery was built to capture this unique resource.

Tomintoul 10
Teeling 18 Year Old – The Renaissance Series 3

Teeling the Renaissance was first released in 2019 to celebrate the real global renaissance of Teeling.
The first release was a 18yo whiskey matured in ex-bourbon casks then finished in Ex-Madeira casks for 18 months.
The second release in the series  was instead finished in ex-Australian Shiraz wine casks.

This is their third release and as the previous ones its 19 years old and finished in ex-Muscat wine casks.
Bottled at 46% with no chill filtration and only 9000 bottles produced.
It comes in a luxarious package and the bottle is wide and thin instead of the classic shape bottles which makes
it stand out from the other whiskies in the cabinet.

I have been really hooked on the Irish whiskey lately. Tried a lot different sample releases from them and because my love to peated whiskey,
I really appreciated their first take on peated irish whiskey, it’s a success!
Doing a review on this one soon on instagram

Notes from the distillery:
Candy pear drops, fresh apricot and mango with a touch of mint

Fresh citrus, stewed apples and a vanilla sweetness

Soft finish with refreshing fruit notes

In sweden its available here to buy

Teeling Renaissance Series 3
Kyrö malt rye whisky

Kyrö Malt is the first Finnish single batch rye whisky, made from 100% malted Finnish wholegrain rye.
It is double pot-distilled and aged in new American white oak casks.
They use only finnish rye that is very intense and spicy according to the distillery.

The distillery is quite new and started to make their first destillation in 2014, they are only doing 100% rye for their whisky.
Besides whisky they also produce a wide range of Gins that would be interesting to try in the future because I am a Gin lover as well.

Their malt rye whisky is bottled at 47,2% abv and is sold in 50cl bottles.
They are having the launch of this one in sweden on the 4th of may 2021 on systembolaget and the price will be 599SEK.

Kyrö malt rye Whisky
Pyynikin Payday Craft gin

Payday craft gin is bottled at a higher abv, 48%  and won gold medal at Meininger’s international spirits  competition 2019
and also silver medal 2020. The gin is produced using botanicals such as Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Fennel seeds,
Liquorice root, Angelica root, Black pepper, Lemon zest, Cinnamon, Ginger.

From the distiller:

Crafting from the forests of Finland, our distilling division continues in the footsteps that date back to
1932 and the end of prohibition. Our secretive bootleggers have stepped out of the shadowy woods and
developed into the modern day distillers, showing the world why Finns are the happiest people.
The heart of the process derives from the deepest forest and shores of thousand lakes.
We combine our passion with the finest ingredients and purest water of Finland.

Pyynikin Payday craft gin
Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin

Pyynikin does a lot of different beers and has three breweries, two of them is in Finland and one is located in Haljala, northeastern Estonia.
Besides a lot of beer they also have some handcrafted spirits like Gin and Vodka.
Their micro brewery located in the banks of the Tammerkoski in the best location of the center of Tampere does experiments and small batches
sold directly to resturants.

Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin is a crafted collaboration with Tiima Cocktail Bar in Tampere.
They have reused Tiima’s lemons and limes that have been pressed into juice and would otherwise be biowaste.
Recycled Citrus Gin was decided to be made as well from the already used spices in Pyynikin Payday Craft Gin.
The result is a new product that is fresh and strongly citric flavoured gin made from 100% biowaste.

It is produced in 0.5L bottles at 40%abv.

Pyynikin Recycled Citrus Gin
Mosgaard Port wine cask Batch #2

Another expression from the lovely distillery in Denmark: Mosgaard!
I have previously loved their whiskies and craftmanship and I think this one will be a really
good one, i love wine cask whiskies and port even more.

Its made out of Danish organic malt and brewed according to their own
methods which are optimized to produce sweetness, softness and fruit notes.
It’s bottled at 48,3%ABV in 50cl bottled. The barrels used is a mix of Ruby casks and Tawny casks of only 50L.

Mosgaard Port wine cask
1836 Organic gin

I’ve tried their oak aged gin from 1836 which is distilled by Radermacher in belgium.
This particular bottling is their standard gin with a alcohol percentage of 43%.
Usually I do Gin and tonic but I might try Radermacher cocktails that they have on their site.

In this gin they use organic grain for the distillatation and there are 11 different botanicals used to create the gin,
juniper berries, elderflower, bergamot, orange and lemon peel, coriander, angelica root,
orange peel, cardamom, lavender and cinnamon.

Some tasting notes from the distillery:
Its fresh and fl oral bouquet owes its subtlety
and complexity to a secret blend of
spices and herbs.

Delicate, sweet and light attack moving
towards a hot and spicy fi nish.  There’s a
predomination of delicacy and fi neness in this
smooth and gentle concentration.

1836 Organic Gin
Raerener Töpfergeist

The ancestor of gin is genever, also called “pékèt” when it is produced in Wallonia.
“Raerener Töpfergeist” is translated to “The spirit of the potter of Raeren”. It is produced by macerating and distilling juniper berries (juniperus communis) in organic wheat alcohol.
Macerating is a way to soften the ingredients by soaking it in a the distilled alcohol, it could be raw, dried or preserved fruit or vegetables.
The name Raerener Töpfergeist refers to the history of the pottery centre of Raeren,
the most important and most famous one north of the Alpes between the 14th and 16th century.
It is the oldest product from the Radermacher distillery, its origin dates back to 1836 !
It comes in a fancy pot/clay/stone bottle and feels like a quality product. Its bottled at 38% ABV.

Notes from the Distillery
Smooth, subtle and fresh juniper bouquet.
Pure, fresh and long lasting taste. Perfect harmony between malt and juniper berries with a
clear predomination of the juniper.

Raerener Töpfergeist
HILLBILLY Friesen-Whiskey

Hillbilly Friesen whiskey is a US Straight Bourbon Whiskey
“Friesen-Whiskey” is produced in the United States of America by experienced master distillers from at least 51% corn.
After it has matured in oak barrels, it is transported by ship by capable seafarers across the thundering waves of the Atlantic and landed in the East Frisian seaport town of Leer.
It then gets bottled in Germany at 40% abv. The aromas is typical bourbon whith a lot of vanilla and sweetness from the corn.

They use quite unusual bottled tall and slim with a screwcap instead of cork. I’m excited that this whiskey reached Sweden all the way from Germany
and I will do a some notes on my instagram when i try this one in the future.

Hillbilly Whiskey
Stauning Smoke

Stauning distillery is a Danish distillery and has been on this blog before because of their good tasting whiksy. They recently did a new bottle design that is pretty unique and artistic.

This is their Smoke expression bottled at 47% ABV, it is a single malt whisky using only local ingredient malted on open floors. The malt is smoked over peat and heather found in the landscape surrounding Stauning.

Stauning does double distillation in small flame-heated pot still and this whisky is then aged in first fill wine and spirits casks.

Stauning Smoke
Drebbel Gin

Drebbel Gin is a Dutch gin with a interesting history, the founder Cornelis Drebbel was the creator of the first submarine ever year 1620.
Drebbel gin is a small batch london dry gin they sources its water from a virtually untouched
natural local reservoir also located at 100 meter deep wells and are considered the purist water in Holland.

The gin is bottled at 40 % abv and uses botanicals such as juniper, angelica root, orris root, coriander seeds, vanilla, liqourice, lemon peel and ginger.

Drebbel Gin
Bowsaw American whiskey

Bowsaw small batch extra American whiskey is from the Kentucky area and is produced of “Straight Corn”
which means a mash bill comprising of 91% Corn, 5% Barley and 4% Rye.
The name is a nod to whiskey traditions, named after the cooper’s saw used to cut the heads of whiskey barrels.
This buttery whiskey is a winner when paired with ginger ale and a lime slice.

It’s aged in American oak barrels for 4 years
and is then bottled at 43% abv. The whisky is distributed by Kirker Greer.
Bowsaw distillery is family owned by a 3rd generation master distiller and they have been producing whiskey for over 80 years.

Flóki Single Malt

Flóki Single Malt Whisky is handcrafted and produced from 100% locally farmed Icelandic barley and
this can be found from various distributors. The Flóki Single malt was first released in november 2017
and it was the first Icelandic single malt to be produced and bottled.
It’s aged for 3 years in ex-Flóki Young Malt barrels under mount Hekla and bottled at 47% ABV by Eimwerk.

Floki single malt
Stauning Bastard

I like when the distilleries like to experiment and explore other options and techniques on whisky.
The Danish distillery Stauning has released some whiskys just like that called the research series.
With this Stauning Bastard they wanted to incorporate some influences from Mexico.
It’s a double distilled rye whisky aged three years in new, toasted virgin American oak casks then
it has been rounded off with 6-months ageing in old mezcal casks from Mexican Oro de Oaxaca.
Its bottled at 46.3% and is availiable in 70cl bottles

The distillery describes it as:

An illegal love affair with a gentle and exotic aftertaste.

This type of cask is new to me and I believe it’s good try new thing because with more experience you get better on
picking out notes and get a better understanding of the whisky world.

Stauning Bastard
Murre Dry gin

This gin is handcrafted in Cologne the Bonn region in Germany.
Its a classic dry gin that has a twist in their botanicals, they are using carrots in it.
Besides juniper they also use Blood Orange zest, peppermint and cinnamon and its a total mix of 7 botanicals.

Murre gin is bottled at 44% abv and comes in a few different sizes, 0.5l, 0.2l, 5cl.
The carrots used in this gin comes from Rhineland which means west part of Germany.

Notes from the producer:
The nose is juniper, on the palate it is also clearly juniper, immediately followed by fresh orange and peppermint notes .
Then pleasant sweetness spreads and a subtle sharpness can be felt.
The finish is long, maintaining the freshness and sweetness and now the carrot comes out in terms of taste.

Murre Gin
Wolfburn Morven

Wolfburn the northernmost distillery in Scotland (on the mainland).
This lightly peated whisky is made from malted barley infused with smoke during the drying process.
The flavour imparted by the smoke is a reflection of Wolfburn’s history –
the original 19th Century distillery was largely fired by peat. Gentle distillation is followed
by maturation in our purpose-built warehouses.
The result is a beautifully smooth and rounded whisky.

Distillery notes:
On the nose, initially smoky with hints of fruit and fresh sea air, accompanied by vanilla and oak woodshavings.

on the palate, floral notes abound, followed by raisins and light spices. Malty flavours open up on the palate, with soft honey sweetness at the finish.

It’s bottled at 46% ABV and im looking forward to this one because I’m a peated whisky fan.

Wolfburn Morven
Flóki Single Malt Sheep Dung Smoked

Flóki Single Malt whisky is distilled by Eimverk Distillery in Garoabaer, Iceland.
Its’ located south west on the island right below Reykjavik and close to the water.
Eimverk is a family operated distillery founded in 2009 with the mission to make premium
Icelandic liquors strictly from local ingredients.
They produce three spirits: Flóki, their single malt whisky; Vor,
their pot distilled gin; and Víti, thier signature version of Icelandic Brennivín.
The distillery was founded in 2009 so a quite you distillery I would say.

Their single malt Sheep Dung Smoked reserve is handcrafted with 100% Icelandic barley
and smoked using traditional Icelandic methods. It’s aged for 3 years in ex-Flóki Young Malt Casks.
Bottled at47% ABV and no chill-filtration or coloring is added. My bottle is nr #252 from barrelnr #10
and its bottled 2020

Teeling Blackpitts peated single malt whiskey

Statement from Teeling

Inspired by the old ancient Blackpitts area just behind the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery based in
Newmarket in the old Liberties area of Dublin City, this area was synonymous with many industries
and in particular malting houses.
Blackpitts was traditionally home to some of the largest barley malting houses in Ireland.
By using smoke from peat to dry the barley during the malting process, the resulting peated malt
produces a distinctive smoky taste profile which is the signature of a Peated Single Malt.

Teeling Blackpitts is the first peated single malt to have been distilled in Dublin and is the first peated whiskey by Teeling.
It is triple distilled from malted barley and dried over peat fires.  The triple distillation reduces some of the medicinal character
you would get from a traditional Scottish Peated Single Malt and allows the more barbeque smoke characteristic to shine.
Matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sauternes French wine casks.
Bottled at 46% with no chill filtration to produce a truly different and unique expression of Teeling and Irish Whiskey.

Teeling Whiskey
Gulliver’s 47 STR cask the Cotswolds edition

I’m pretty exited about this one, it’s Samuel Gulliver & Co third and latest release.
This one its in collaboration with the Cotswolds distillery and the whisky
has been aged in shaved, toasted, re-charred casks (STR) for 5 years.
The whisky is unpeated and the casks used are ex-red wine and American oak casks.

Statement from Gulliver’s

Stuart Gulliver, a 9th generation descendent of the original founder, says
‘we’ve really gone back to our roots through this collaboration with The Cotswolds Distillery,
which is just down the road from where Samuel Gulliver started his business in Banbury in 1747.
The influence of fresh and used oak from the STR cask combines to
produce a stunning whisky of rich fruits with toasty and warming spicy notes’.

Samuel Gulliver
No.1 super premium dry gin

About NO.1

In the year of 2004 came the idea of creating a affordable quality brand that could be used for all kinds of wine and spirits. 
The name No.1, for everyone, came to mind and so the process of creating the brand and getting it registered began. 
In 2010 the first products were launched. Vodka, Gin Rum and 3 flavored vodkas. 
Since the start up the portfolio has increased and today No.1 has more than 30 products in various sizes and packaging including also wine. 

In the picture you see a high quality gin made from No1 Stockholm,  the finest wheat harvested in Sweden and the purest Swedish water.
The gin has been distilled five times and has an exquisite taste of juniper bottled at 37.5% abv.
It has an exciting blue color and you can enjoy it ”on the rocks” as well as in the classic drinks GT and Dry Martini.
They have several gin expressions in their range and if you want a flavoured one than the classic I recommend their elderflower / citrus expression.
Klumpp dry Gin

The Kluimpp dry gin is a handcrafted gin from beautiful Klumpp distillery located in Bruchsal, Germany.
Their core production does wine and they own large wine fields in the area. One of their destilates besides wine is
Gin and it is a classic dry gin bottled at 44% abv.

It’s tripple distilled and aged for 120 days in a sainless steel tank. Some of their ingredients composing this gin are
Thyme, Carrots, Chamomile, Honorary Award, Oregano, Fenchel, Angelica Root, Juniper Berries. It is quite unique
to the distillery to use carrots in theri botanical mix.
As the distillery itself their products are minimalistic, modern and stands out among the other brands I’ve seen in those

Wolfburn Aurora

Wolfburn Aurora has matured in a combination of casks – 40% of this whisky was aged in second-fill quarter casks,
40% in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels and 20% in first-fill Oloroso Sherry hogsheads.

I totally love the bottle design and chosen colors on this one. The liquid is golden with a black
and white label and details in rose gold /copper. This expression is bottled at 46% abv and was released late 2016.

Some notes from the distillery:
Sherry sweetness is followed by aromas of freshly cut grass
and autumn fruits, with just a hint of coffee and dark chocolate.

Floral tones come to the fore, with overtones of spice and vanilla.
Fruity sweetness coats the palate, with fruit and nut flavours leading to a warm, soft finish.

More info here.

Wolfburn Aurora
Wolfburn Langskip

Wolfburn langskip is as cask strength release from Wolfburn distillery bottled at 58% ABV.

The name Langskip is taken from the Norse word for longship –
the Viking raiding ships that once dominated the Caithness coastline.
Sleek, smooth, purposeful and strong, the legacy of these ships surrounds the
Wolfburn distillery – in addition to settlements and burial sites,
Wolfburn’s home town of Thurso is said to be named after the Norse God of thunder Thor.

Its matured in firstfill bourbon casks and is their strongest expression so far. It has taken medals in
spirits competitions, Double Gold Medal winner, Singapore world spirits competition 2019.
But also Double Gold Medal winner, FiftyBest 2018.

Some tasting notes from the distillery.

Aromas of fruit blossom meld with dried apples and light oak.
In the background you’ll find traces of raisins and dates mixed with rich fruit cake.

Flavours burst onto the palate, rich and sweet, including maple syrup,
dark chocolate, almonds and raisins. The finish lingers nicely –
hints of vanilla gently fade away with a warming trace of caramel at the end.

Wolfburn Langskip
Hausberg Gin No.2

Housberg Gin is a young company with a commitment to the distribution and development of artisan distilled spirits.
It’s a market that is growing rapidly and a bigger interest of gin has flourished around the world.
Hausberg Spirituosen is located in Bremen, Germany. I’ve been to the city a few years ago and its a great atmosphere
which probably contribution to their artisan destillation.

In their gin range they got currently 4 expressions from No1 to No4 but they also offer tasting kits and gift boxes containing
miniature bottles. The one in the picture above is their Hausberg Gin No. 2 avaliable in 3 sizes 0.7l, 0.35l and 0.1l.
Its bottled at 42.4% and it is described as the gentle and fuity gin.
This expression focuses on Seaberry, Tangerine together with other botanicals to contribute to a fresh taste.

See all their gin expressions here

Hausberg gin No.2
Osmoz Citrus

About the brand:

Deeply attached to the Cognac region, our family has been wine growers for six generations and manage to
faithfully preserve the values initiated by the founder Augustin VALLET.
Today this transmission from father to son ensures the continuity and progression of our know-how.
As members of the lineage, we consider ourselves explorers and passionate taste lovers.

We are totally independent and we control the entire production to best meet our taste and qualitative requirements.
To date, we are proud to be one of the few family-owned companies to sell all of the production in bottles ;
our duty and, above all, our willingness is to perpetuate our traditions
through the elaboration of eaux-de-vie ever more technical and qualitative.

Their gins have been thought to be in perfect osmosis with their Cognac and family roots.
Fully developed ans distilled from gapes, they are totally faithful to our values ans appreciation of eaux-de-vie.
Combining modernity and tradition, theyselected six distinctive aromas from our range of
Cognacs : lime, apple, liquorice, apricot, almond ans clove are in both their creations.

Their osmoz citrus expression is a enhancement of their standard classic. They wanted to do something else besides the
classic juniper taste. This citrus is mostly orange and lemon and gives it a fresh nose together with the other botanicals.
And the second unique thing with Osmoz is that it is distilled from grapes. The bottle is at 46% abv and is made in small batches

Ozmos Citrus
Fary Lochan Rum edition #02

Fary lochan Rum Edition for those who are into an oiled whiskey with notes of rum.
In addition to the rum notes,  you will experience a spicy feeling of licorice, vanilla, grass and mineral salt.
In total there is 635 bottles of this release which is batch #02.

The whisky has been aged for 7.5 years – first 4 years in 2 bourbon barrels, and then 3.5 years in 2 rum casks.
The whisky was cask filled on 21 and 30 November 2012 and  then bottled on 6 February 2020.
It has a aclohol percent of 55.9%.

Fary lochan Rum edition #02
Palma Oak Spiced Gin

Palma Oak Aged Spiced Gin was first made as a limited edition butbecame so popular
that Mallorca Distillery has added it to its regular product range.
Palma Oak Aged Spiced Gin is a twist on the original Palma gin recipe.
Once distilled, the gin is stored in Mallorcan oak barrels that
previously stored wine from the local Manto Negro grape in Binissalem.

Vanilla, cinnamon and cloves are added gradually during this time,
which gives a complex sweetness and spice to the gin.
The result is an advanced and maximally flavored gin that pushes the boundaries of tradition.

Bottled at 40.4% abv.
Order it here (Sweden)

Read more about Taste of mallorca here

Palma oak spiced Gin
Wolfburn No. 204 Madeira Cask finish

In May 2011 one of the Wolfburn team went to locate the site of the old Wolfburn Distillery in Thurso, Caithness.
The purchase of the land was finalized in May 2012 and the first ground was broken a few months later in early August.
And short after that the distillery was up an running again to create some awesome expressions.

This limited edition Wolfburn is called No. 204 it has a cask finish of Madeira oak barrels.
The production of this expresson gave a total of 5800 bottles bottled at 46% abv.
This is the fifthsmall-batch release from the distillery and has matured for 5 years in
First-fill bourbon barrels then finished in Madeira hogsheads for 6 month.

Notes from the distillery:

ON THE NOSE – Rich desert-wine aromas are readily present,
augmented by deep bourbon sweetness.

ON THE PALATE – Sweet and full – give it time and a whole array of flavours unfurl.
Gentle notes of burnt sugar lead the way, overlaid with hints of soft oak and vanilla tones.
Hazelnut and gentle hints of orange are present too.

THE FINISH – Sweet tones linger on the palate and gradually melt away,
leaving a wee trace of honey and butterscotch at the very end.

Wolfburn 204
Hyde No. 9 Iberian cask

Hyde 1906 No.9 Iberian Cask is a limited edition single malt from Hibernia Distillers.
It has been triple distilled in a traditional copper still using 100% Irish malted grain barley from a single distillery.
Initially aged for a period of at least 8 years in 200-litre, flame charred ex-bourbon oak casks from Kentucky,
this was then transferred into 200-litre first-fill vintage tawny port oak casks sourced from the
Portuguese village of Pinhao in the Douro Vally region in northern Portugal for a finishing period of 9 months.

Bottled at 43% abv and only 5000 bottles produced in this batch.
Notes from the distillery:

NOSE: Dried dark fruits with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and blackberry for a grapemeets-raisin nose that defines Tawny PORT.

TASTE: Notes of green apples, honey, citrus, spice, dried fruit, black pepper, and hazelnut, with a vanilla-like buttery finish that lingers on the palate.

FINISH: Medium to long with a grapey, malty, spicy, lingering finish.

Hyde Whiskey
Two new expressions from Cooper’s choice

Both expression is Islay malt from the distilleries Caol Ila and Bunnahabhain.
Caol Ila beeing distilled in may 2009 and bottled 2020, aged in refilled sherry casks and only 300 bottles were made of this beauty. Bottled at 54,4% abv.

Second bottle is a very interesting one with a cask finish of white port. Dont think I’ve seen that before.
It’s heavily peated  and bottled at 58% abv. Of this expression 318 bottles were made.
Two very interesting expressions and they always contain lots of good info on the bottle and delivering interesting expressions time after time.

Macaya Chocolate rum

Macaya Chocolate rum is a rum infused with chocolate bottled at 40% abv.
This is an expression handcrafted by the Belgium distillery Radermacher.
It’s a preium orcanic rum bottled in a 50cl well designed bottle.

The rum is aged in both american and french oak in Belgium then filtered
through organic Trinitario cacao beans. The rum is made from classic sugar cane
and the cacao beans comes from Haiti where everey bought bottle supports “Acted”
for its action in Haiti.

Macaya is the name of the national park in the south of the Republic of Haiti bordered
by Trinitario cocao plantations.

Macaya Chocolate rum
Scandinavian Gin sessions Pine floral gin

Sahlins Brygghus is a brewery located in dalarna, Sweden.
They have brewed beer there since 2005 and their focus is mostly
on craft beer, soda, tonic, cider and mulled wine.
Other than that they also run their farm where they have 35 000 visitors yearly.
One of the biggest attractions their ostriches which they raised on the farm since 1994

Now they have also relased two Gin expressions one is
their Pine floral Gin bottled at 40% abv with inspiration from the
scandinavian forests.
The second gin is the dry juniper gin bottled at 42,5% abv.
They are done in small batches and made with real craftmanship and love by
the Sahlins family farm.

Sahlins brygghus
Lambertus Belgian single grain whisky 10yo

Lambertus 10 Years Single Grain Whisky matured for 10 years in oak casks
was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the
Its unique and splendid richness is due to the perfect harmony between the
malt, the fine grain and the subtle note imparted by the oak.

This is batch 2 and its bottled at 40% abv.
Here are some notes from the distillery:

Subtle malt bouquet surrounded by a fi ne
touch of chocolate, nuts and roasting.  The fine
and pleasant aroma reveals the whole maturity of the grain.

Delicate malt attack combined with roasted
and vanilla fl avours. Sumptuous, full-bodied
taste where fi neness and balance predominate.
Splendid and soft fi nal enhancing the subtlety
of the oak.

Ron Colon Salvadoreno High Proof

Some history

It all started on a trip through Latin America. We didn’t really know what to
expect and we certainly never thought one small, raw country would blow
our minds as much as it did. But that’s exactly what happened and that’s
why we’re here now, introducing Ron Colon to the world.

This expression is built around an aged column-still rum
from the Licorera Cihuatan Distillery in El Salvador, blended with
unaged Jamaican rums from Worthy Park, Hampden and Monymusk,
as well as a little helping of aged rum Worthy Park too. Bottled at 55.5% ABV.

Ron Colon
Bacoo 11yo rum

A Bacoo (BAH-KU) is a mischievous mythological spirit often claimed to be found in the Caribbean.
Bacoo’s are told to be found in empty corked rum bottles floating in the
Caribbean Sea and are said to have magical powers.
Many other cultures have slight variances of names and/or
appearances of mischievous folklore characters, such as Aladdin’s “Genie of the Lamp”.

The Bacoo closely resembles a leprechaun from Celtic Mythology.
It is a dwarf like character that rewards its owner with wishes, and not just three.
A Bacoo is recognized by it’s distinctive large eyes, long arms and legs.  The Bacoo lives on bananas and milk.

Bacoo 11 year rum  –
Bacoo Rum hails from the Dominican Republic, and this one here has been aged for a whole 11 years.
It’s column distilled from molasses before it’s aged in bourbon casks.
Bright bronze color. Aromas and flavors of
chocolate toffee, caramel, and vanilla with a velvety,
medium-to-full body hint of honey finish. Bottled at 40% ABV

Harahorn Gin

Harahorn gin is a small batch Norwegian Gin produced by Det Norske brenneri and bottled at 46% ABV.
Det Norske Brenneri, formerly Puntervold / Agder Brenneri, has its production and
barrel warehouse in Grimstad in Sørlandet. Among other things, various aquavit
brands and apple spirits have been produced here since the production monopoly in
Norway was dissolved in 2005.
We were the first private distillery in Norway after more than 80 years of monopoly.
Grimstad has a history dating back to the 1880s when it
comes to the production of liqueur wines, through the Fuhr brand.

Harahorn is a real craft gin. We only produce 300 liters at a time, to have maximum control over the quality.
Berries and herbs from Norwegian nature are used here – some of the world’s most tasty.
This gives a potent gin with 46 percent alcohol. Perfect for drinks and cocktails.

Named after a mountain in Hemsedal, and with inspiration from a fabulous animal no one has yet seen alive…
Contains juniper from Røros, blueberry from Nordmarka, rhubarb from Grimstad,
seaweed from the Skagerrak, watercress from Oppdal and rock mint from Sunndal.
Awarded gold medals in some of the world’s largest liquor competitions
– San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016,
China Wine & Spirits Awards 2018 and New York Intl. Spirits Competition 2018.

Det Norske Brenneri
Glencadam Reserva Andalucía

Glencadam first opened in 1825, in the ancient city of Brechin.
This was the year that the first horse-drawn omnibuses were established in London,
the world’s first modern railway opened, with the first public train pulled by steam engine.
The distillery was owned by a David Scott and his descendants from 1827- 1891,
and during this period it was rented to various distillers.
Over the next few decades the distillery had a succession of owners.

Glencadam was finally bought by Angus Dundee Distillers on 1st June 2003,
an independent Scottish company. Angus Dundee restarted production immediately,
and we released our first ever single malt product,
Glencadam Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 15 Years, in December 2005.

The Glencadam Reserva Andalucia is first aged in Bourboun and sherry casks then
married together and finished in sherry casks from Jerez from the region Andalucía.
This whisky is bottled at 46% abv and its un-chill filtered with no color added.

Yellow Eye Spirits

Yellow Eye is an organic liqueur with quality in focus.
A coffee infused rum Liqueur bottled at 30% ABV.
Some history:

Yellow Eye is a Swedish premium liqueur established in November 2017.
After years in the industry of mixology, we love to explore the perfect balance of taste.
We do it to please others and ourselves.
The combination of coffee and rum was something we fell in love with.
We wanted to create something that we believed was missing in the range of quality spirits.

They use premium organic Speciality Coffee from the award-winning roasters, Johan & Nyström in Stockholm.
The roast is specially selected for Yellow eye and combinded with a 5 year old rum
that has been aged in oak barrels. This combination gives it a complex and balanced flavor that I’m really exited to try.

Brand: Yellow Eye spiritsAvailibility: CommonPrice: (50cl)
Yellow eye spirits
Atlantic Spirit gin Thai Basil

They are passionate about Gin and creating new and complex botanical flavours.
Atlantic spirit are also passionate about the North Devon coast and our locally sourced ingredients,
using only premium sourced botanicals and Tarka Springs water collected a few miles away from the
distillery in the hills of Langtree at Little Comfort farm.

Their gin is made using traditional gin basket infusion to create delicate pure flavours.
Every bottle is part of a small batch production, ensuring that they can deliver a truly hand crafted gin.
Using premium sourced & locally foraged Atlantic coastal botanicals, all their herbs and fruits are freshly
prepared and the flavours slowly extracted through the botanical basket to preserve the delicate flavours.
With the addition of local Tarka Springs water, this gin is uniquely soft with superbly clean flavours and aromas.

This particular gin in the picture is their #5 in their range and is called Thai Basil .
Of course fresh Thai Basil leaves is used and gives this this gin a mouthful of flavour. There is also liquorice notes and sweetness from the basil.
Great with a seafood meal or just as a refreshing gin on a hot summers day according to The Atlantic spirit.
Bottled at 42% ABV in small batch with only 240 bottles per batch.

Atlantic spirit
Nomad Outland whisky

Nomad outland whisky is born in Scotland and aged in Jerez, Spain. Its resting in a more humid and warmer climate to get a special twist on a traditional scottish whisky.
The whisky itself is first aged 3 years in scotland in sherry casks then transferred to
Jerez where it will finish for at least 12 months in old Pedro Ximenez casks. The whisky is resting in The san Fernando Cellar of González Byass.

The blend is a unique selection of over 30 different malt and grain whiskies from Speyside, The Highlands each 5-8 years old. The bottle has a unique design too somewhat flat and wide standing out among the standard ones.
Its bottled at 41.3% abv and I’m really looking forward to taste and review this one.

Nomad Outland
Stauning Kaos Batch 1-2020

Stauning is a Danish whisky distillery located in Skjern right next to the Ringkøbing Fjord, the west coas of Denmark.
They recently rebranded their bottle design and site to better get give you what Stauning is about.
The new bottle design is about the the distillery and the nine friends that started the distillery in 2005.

The nine friends come from different backgrounds (a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a butcher, a pilot and four engineers)
but quickly gained a common curiosity for whisky.
The barley and rye are grown within a few kilometers of the distillery.
Knowing the farmers gives a more profound understanding of the ingredients.
The local community likes contributing to the project. They work together. Growing the crops is craftsmanship as well.
They also do their own floor malting and use the local peat and heather to dry their malted grain.

Stauning KAOS
The name is based in Danish history, when Thorvald Stauning used the phrase “Stauning or Chaos” to win re-election as Prime Minister in 1935.
By vatting their best Rye and smoked single malt whiskies together in a curious triple malt marriage, they give us both Stauning and KAOS.
This is barch 1-2020 and is bottled at 46& abv.
Gentle Gin Tea Dry Blue

Gentle gin is produced from finely brewed, small batch hand crafted alcohol, from local German grain.
It is then double distilled in a traditional hand hammered copper still by master distiller
and horticultural expert Marcus O’Shea. Between distillations, their spirit is triple filtered
using Gentle Gin’s special gravity filter, producing an unbelievably smooth base spirit that blends perfectly
with our high quality botanical ingredients, directly sourced from carefully selected farmers of theirtrust.

The Gentle gin blue is their experimental expression of the standard tea dry gin.
In the classic dry tea gin they wanted to marry two of their biggest interest, fine spirit with their love to tea!
Bottled at 47% abv and containing botanicals such as borage flowers, handpicked Earl Grey
and Pai Mu Dan teas along with the standard botanicals for a gin such as Juniperm, Angelica root, orange, coriander.

The blue dry tea Contains Butterfly tea from Indonesia witch has a natural blue coloring to the spirit.
An interesting one that I’m looking forward tasting soon!

Gentle Gin
Scallywag Small batch release, Speyside blended Malt


Inspired by a long line of Douglas Laing family Fox Terriers, Scallywag Malt Scotch Whisky is a marriage of
aged Speyside Single Malts matured predominantly in Spanish Sherry casks. The resulting Whisky reveals an explosion of rich,
dark fruits, chocolate and spice interwoven with late vanilla.
Award-winning Scallywag is bottled and released in genuinely small, precious batches. Bottled at 46% abv.
This blend includes whisky from Mortlach, Macallan and Glenrothes, it’s aged in both spanish sherry butts and bourbon casks.

Notes from the Distillery:

Richly spiced with sweet vanilla

Sweet stewed fruit and dark chocolate with spices

Zesty orange, sweet tobacco, cocoa and fruitcake

My review score of this is: 88/100
Nose: 22
Palat: 23
BBF: 23
Finish: 20

Scallywag small batch
Tomintoul 12 oloroso sherry cask finish

A Gentle 12yo dram from Tomintoul, this limited edition is bottled at 40% abv.
Tomintoul is produced in speyside glenlivet, Scotland and they have been making whisky in this region for four generations.
Their master distiller Robert Fleming has carefully selected and tasted to create this dram which gives it a nice sherry sweetness and creamyness.

Warm gold.

Round, creamy with subtle hints of sherry sweetness.

Soft, smooth and elegant style with delicate sherry presence.

Mellow, soothing.

Tomintoul 12
Tomintoul 14yo High Strength

Tomintoul Distillery is located inside the picturesque Glenlivet estate, within the whisky producing region of Speyside. The distillery is named after the nearby village of Tomintoul, the highest village in the Highlands of Scotland.

Tomintoul Distillery was built in 1964. The distillery uses traditional techniques that stretch back hundreds of years, to make their award-winning single malt, “the gentle dram”. The natural environment, fresh air and pure water all add to a uniquely smooth and mellow spirit.

Tomintoul Whisky is a testament to their Master Distiller, Robert Fleming, whose family has been making whisky in the Speyside Glenlivet region for four generations. He began working in the whisky industry in 1974, and worked for a number of different distilleries until coming to Tomintoul, where he has been for over 20 years. Robert is responsible for all aspects of production and is very passionate about making exceptional Scotch Whisky.

Their 14yo is bottled at 46% abv no chill-filtration and no colouring, aged in ex-bourbon casks. Some notes about the whisky(not my own notes): Very spicy. There is some cedar, cinnamon, clove and floral notes. But also Golden apple and vanilla.

Im returning to you with a review on my instagram later on.

Brand: TomintoulAvailibility: CommonPrice: 45£ (70cl)
Destillerie Radermacher 1836 Barrel Aged Gin

Founded in 1836, Radermacher Distillery is the oldest distillery in Belgium.
1836 Organic Barrel Aged Gin is without a doubt one of the most talented expressions of a nearly two centuries old know-how.

Made of an infusion with classic gin aromatics – juniper berries, coriander, orange and lemon peel, rosemary,
aniseed and sweet-scented bedstraw – in a distillate of certified organic grain,
the 1836 Organic Barrel Aged Gin rests for a period of 6 months in an oak barrel of the belgian whisky Lambertus.

Aroma and taste from the distillery:
Its floral bouquet owes its complexity to a
secret blend of spices and herbs.
Magnifi cent and delicate attack moving
towards a rich and fl oral fi nish. Of a harmonious and smooth concentration, the aromatic
richness is supported in its incredible length
by a wonderful wooden note.

A nice gin that gives the classic GT a bit more complexity because of the barrel age process.

1836 Gin
Sir Edmond Gin

Their story:

Flamingo’s are curious creatures. How I know? Because I am one. You can call me Sir Edmond, creator of the world’s first vanilla infused gin.
Being a migratory bird from the island of Réunion, vanilla capital of the world, it made sense to me to create a gin that honours and
evolves around one of the most valued flavors in world history and the botanical I adore the most, vanilla.
I took inspiration from how the world’s best haute cuisine chefs use spices to perform culinary magic, in how to create this truly distinctive gin.

These are the botanicals they use:

The gin has won master medal in gin masters 2017. Its bottled at 40%abv and comes in 70cl bottles, they recently did a expansion of their sales to
16 more EU countries and Sweden is one of them. Really excited to try this bourbon vanilla infused gin!

Sir Edmond Gin
Pure Scot by Bladnoch

Created by Bladnoch’s master distiller Ian MacMillan, Pure Scot is a blended Scotch whisky which combines whisky from the aforementioned Bladnoch with whisky from Speyside, the Highlands and Islay. Inspired by 200 years of rich heritage from Bladnoch Distillery, Pure Scot is our fresh take on Whisky. Pure Scot is their highly-awarded Blended Scotch Whisky that is spicy, smooth and refreshing. Bottled at 40% abv, 50cl

A trailblazer in his own right, David Prior is an Australian businessman, surfer and long-time Scotch Whisky lover. In 2015, David Prior became the first Australian to own a Scotch Whisky distillery.Its home, Bladnoch Distillery, tucked away in the rugged Scottish Lowlands, is where Pure Scot is brought to life.

Pure Scot
Begin Cph

Begin Copenhagen makes everything from gin with different flavors to ready to drink Gin & tonic.
I have their Gin here in front of me and it consists of 3 different types.
The original blend, lavender flower and Hibiscus flower. In the picture you see the Hibiscus one and I’m already in love with the color of this one.

Begin is a Organic Danish gin located in Hejnerup 15km south west of Køge in Denmark. The Hibiscus flower is a distilled gin with a unique color and taste, they created a gin based on their classic that includes botanicals such as juniper, angelica root and coriander.
The hibiscus flower adds more floral notes with a light sourness  and a beautiful color. Their bottles are made in small batches and hand-filled. This one is bottled at 40% abv.
The gins was carefully selected by Jesper and their first gin was delveloped in his kitchen, he started with 50 different blends and ended up with 3 ones that got to be their standards.
A gin created with love and handcraft in my opinion.

I’m really excited to try this one soon!

Begin Cph
Stork club Straight rye

About Stork Club Whisky

Stork club whisky is described as a down to earth whisky with 100% german rye. It’s small batch distilled and triple cask aged handmande in Germany.

With the newly launched “Stork Club” whisky range, consisting of a straight rye whisky, a single malt whisky and single-cask fillings, the SpreeWood Distillers have focus on selective cask management and the unusual microclimate of the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. This micro-climate with its seasonal temperature differences, unusually pronounced for Central Europe, ensures intensive interaction of the distillate with the casks and leaves a unique character in the whisky.

The grain for the distillate is supplied by Germany’s breadbasket, right on the distillery’s doorstep: Brandenburg. Even American rye whisky producers trust in the quality of the rye cultivated here. The whiskies currently mature in bourbon and sherry casks, as well as in white wine casks of selected German wine-growers. In parallel with this, in cooperation with international experts, we are working on a type of cask management that is revolutionary for Germany.

All whiskies are filled without the addition of colourings and flavourings and without using cold filtration.
Incidentally, “Stork Club” is the emblem of the region, dedicated to the stork. In spring, many stork couples find a breeding place around the distillery: the Club of Storks was born!

STORK CLUB Straight Rye Whiskey is bottled  at 700ml / 45% abv. Here are some notes from the distillery:

Flavour profile
Caramel and spices, dark chocolate with a hint of espressoCasks
First Fill American Oak & German Napoleon Oak

The perfect partner for whiskey highballs and cocktails!

Stork Club
Isle of Raasay Gin

Handcrafted Scottish Gin

Local botanist Dr Stephen Bungard helped us hand-pick only the best juniper on the island before we distilled and infused our
Raasay and traditional botanicals together in our copper malt spirit still along with water from our well.
The result: a refreshing, zesty dry gin with a lasting aftertaste that encapsulates Raasay’s style, character and impressive geological variety.

Raasay’s remarkable geology, island shores, our modern Scottish island distillery and unique
water source inspired both the creation and presentation of the island’s first Scottish gin.

Isle of Raasay Gin Tasting Notes

Fresh and aromatic, with juniper, citrus and a hint of rhubarb.
Dry with a burst of juniper, orange and a richer rhubarb note.
Dry and zesty.
Perfect Serve:
Orange zest strips and a premium mixer – we recommend Fever-Tree’s Premium Indian Tonic.
The dry nature of Isle of Raasay Gin also makes it the perfect base for your favourite gin cocktails.

Isle of Raasay Gin
Freimeisterkollektiv Rye whisky

Here are two whiskies From Freimeisterkollektiv, the Dark rye and Rye.
Dark Rye is Distilled Jasmin Haider. Since 2016, she has been managing her father’s distillery, founded in 1995,
the whiskey distillery J. Haider, together with her mother Monika Haider. Healthy growth and quality over
quantity is the credo of the women’s team at the head of the distillery, which is based in the village with the significant name Roggenreith (translates “rye glade”).
Jasmin Haider-Stadler is also President of the Austrian Whiskey Association. The DARK RYE 607 is their first product for FREIMEISTERKOLLEKTIV.
Its bottled at 46% abv and contains 100% rye malt. According to the label taste map it’s more towards the malty and full-bodied.

Here are some tasting notes from the distiller:

light vanilla, malty and nutty notes
Pumpernickel, subtle nutty notes, vanilla, raisins
malt, toffee, honey
The Rye also called Straight Rye whisky is distilled by Rüdiger Sasse.
The distillery in the municipality Schöppingen, Münsterland has been the family of Rüdiger Sasse for 15th generations. It was first mentioned in documents in 1707.
The history started in a brewery with a tavern, where the unused beer was distilled.
When Rüdiger Sasse takes over the business from his father, he wants to build on the passion of his grandfather and builds a historic distillery in 2004.
Since then he distills high-quality spirits from different cereals. Rüdiger Sasse is one of the pioneers responsible for a qualitative turnaround in Germans Kornbrand.
His barreled grain spirit was honored as the best whiskey in continental Europe at the 2010 International Wine and Spirits Competition in London.
And since 2017, the distillery Sasse belongs to the exquisite circle, which was awarded the title World Class Distillery at the prestigious World Spirits Awards (WSA) for three consecutive years.
It’s bottled at 48,2% abv containing 75% rye, 25 % malted barley and according to the label taste map its described as full-bodied, fruity and cereal.

Here are som tasting notes from the distiller:
hazelnut, dark chocolate, clove, apple
black pepper

Cù Bòcan signature review

Here comes a review of this lovley bottle Cù Bòcan that I posted earlier

Nose ?
Coffee with Amaretto the sherry notes are there but not too strong. Letting the dram sit for a while i get some caramel hints and some smooth buttery scent.

Palate ?
Quite sharp at first then the caramel follows from the nose and also some wood bark. There is more to it but I cant set words on what it is.

Finish ?
This one has a long finish the sherry notes (red dried fruit with some sweetness) stays with you a long time!

Conclusion ?
A interesting choice of different casks make it quite unusual, some of the things i felt on both palate and nose was hard to describe so that makes it more complex and I could not set words on what I was sensing.

score: 87/100

Cu Bocan
Distillerie Radermacher 1836 Rum

First some history about Distillerie Radermacher:

In 1836, Peter Radermacher, a farmer by trade, decided to found a gin distillery. At the time he already possessed a
mill and could use the ground corn as raw material for the distillation of gin.
This was the beginning of Radermacher distillery. His son Leonard succeeded him after
his death and took over the agricultural distillery.
Today, Radermacher Distillery is very proud to look back on her more than 183 years of existence and
offers a wide range of spirits, liqueurs, fruit flavoured aperitives and Whiskies.
For a long time, Radermacher products have only been reserved to the local and Belgian connoisseurs,
but they are now being appreciated by a vast public in numerous countries worldwide.

Info about the rum from the distillery:
Considering Fair Trade in the search of raw materials, the distillery Rader-
macher has chosen a distillate of organic sugar cane for the elaboration of its
1836 Organic Barrel Aged Rum.

After a first ageing in french Limousin oak barrels, which contributed previ-
ously to the ageing of the Lambertus Whisky, the whole richness of the rum’s
aromatic palette will then be refined by a finishing in new american oak casks.
Inspired by the Lincoln process, the 1836 Organic Barrel Aged Rum is finally
filtered on flakes of organic fair trade cocoa beans, which gives the rum its
particular typicity and full bodied taste.


Brand: Distillerie Radermacher 1836Price: 40EURO (70cl)
1836 Rum
Mosgaard Oloroso cask review

In a previous post you can reed more about this fantastic whisky. Here are a quick review:
Nose ?
Orange, chocolate, some burnt Almond, honey and the sherry is of course present.

Palate ?
Deep sherry, red dried fruits, there are some citrus in it too but cant decide if it is still orange as on the nose. Most of the flavors are placed deep back on the tongue.

Finish ?
Long with again the sherry coming through. Pleasant indeed

Conclusion ?
Very tasty, deep flavors and long finish. Yet again Mosgaard delivers and this is also a winner. Im excited for what to come from this distillery. Very well done by Mosgaard

score: 94/100

Oloroso cask
Stauning Rye review

Here is a quick review of Stauning rye whisky, you can read more about it in a previous post.
Bottled at 50% abv

Nose ?
Lots of spice, some alcohol burn, dumle(a Swedish candy, toffee with a chocolate cover), peach, cola

Palate ?
Some nice Cola notes, oaky, rough and dry. After that I felle some spice finishing of with vanilla

Finish ?
Medium long, the dryness sticks to the roof of the mouth

Conclusion ?
Spicy and oaky cola. Like this one a lot despite being only 3 years old

Score: 87/100

Stauning Rye
Cù Bòcan Signature

Cù Bòcan is a celebration of the subtleties of smoke and perfectly balanced sweetness,
Cù Bòcan is an experimental Highland Single Malt that explores innovative finishes to create whiskies full of intrigue and surprise.

Tomatin distillery is behind Cù Bòcan and let them experiment in a different way.
Their signature one has matured in three different casks to combine some unique flavours. The barley is lightly peated and they only distill every
winter in limited batches.

The Signature is aged in bourbon, oloroso sherry and north American virgin oak. This leads to a subtly smoky and suprisingly sweet spirit according to them.
The bottle design is also one of a kind to be unique in every way! Its bottled at 46% and a review of this one is coming soon.

Brand: Cù BòcanPrice: 42 pounds (70cl)
Cu bocan signature
MistralGin – La vie en rose

Some history from the producer:

This craft rosé gin is the fruit of our passion for Provence and its way of life.
Our enthusiasm was born from beautiful Provence Rosé wines and we quickly became fascinated with the diversity of the botanicals in the region.
After many months of research locally, we launched the first Provence dry gin with the focus on this terroir.
By using our knowledge of Provencal terroirs and our know-how about blending wines, we decided to bring a new approach to the gin category with this handcrafted Provencal gin !

It’s distilled at their partner distillery based in Forcalquier. Established in 1898 and located in the heart of the Alpes de Haute-Provence region, not far from Luberon.
The botanicals is harvested from the region around the area and also from the mountain Montagne de Lure that is located close by.

In their gin they use a total of 12 botanicals where 6 of the is “traditional” gin botanicals such as: Juniper, Cardamon, Iris root, Pink pepper, Coriander and Grain of paradise.
The other 6 provencal botanicals typical for the area is: Basil, fennel, mint, eucalyptus, pink grapefruid and thyme.
And amazing blend of botanicals in my opinion.

Futher on their bottle and labels are beautiful, Some nice art that shows that they beside the destillation and handcraft also think about the whole product.
Something unusual for gin bottles is that MistralGin uses a glass cork which gives it a premium feel.
Bottled at 40% with a beautiful pink color this gin tastes amazing with some good tonic and a few sea-buckthorn for the looks.

Photo: Linus Wärn

Brand: MistralGinAvailibility: CommonPrice: 42.00 € (70cl)

Cap gin started as a conversation between three friend living in the south of France.
The vision is to create a gin that tells a story about the extraordinary area, Côte d’Azur also known as the French Riviera.
CAP Gin is the result of more than a year in research, planning, tasting and collaboration. It was important for them to create a product that truly reflects the history, heritage and architecture of this Mediterranean corner.

Now the the spirit it self! CAP gin contains a blend of nine carfully selected herbs, fruits and spices. Among the botanicals there is the traditional juiniper and coriander but also rose, mimosa, orange blossom, angelica root, lemon peel and pink peppercorns. This should result in a balanced and smooth taste.

Bottled at 43% abv on bottle cost about 49 USD.
Photo: Linus Wärn, Instagram



Brand: CAPAvailibility: CommonPrice: 49 USD (70cl)
Small-brook Lucilinburhuc whisky from Luxembourg

Small-brook Lucilinburhuc by @smallbrook
It’s the first single malt whisky in Luxembourg. Matured in 32 liter bourbon cask, 32 liter oloroso cask and 64 liter Fino cask.
Love to try out world whisky and this one is quite unique because it’s the first single malt!
Bottled at 50% abv. Aged for 3 years. Barley is harvested from Germany. Checkout his account to get see the distillery and current releases.
This first batch sold out in only 8 hours.
Nose ?
At first strong woody and spicy notes. Some alcohol burn. After letting the whisky sit for a while Other notes become more clear.
There is also rassins, walnuts. Also throughout the whole nosing you get the wine and sherry notes too. Very balanced. To get the edge of the alcohol burn some water should be added.
Palate ?
Very nice on the palate, I got chocolate, red currants, herbal. Creamy at the end which extends the notes on the palate in a good way. The wine & sherry influence is strong and I like it a lot.
Finish ?
Very Long finish, the wine/sherry maturation shines here with some tannic and red dark fruits.
Conclusion ?
I’m stunned with this whisky, first before trying I didn’t know what to expect but I like that it is bottled at high abv because that means it’s up
the individual to water it down if it’s too strong. All those small casks makes the whisky get so flavor and character.
Despite only matured in 3 years there is so much going on with this whisky.
Score: 93/100

Samuel Gulliver’s 47 10yo quarter cask

Good news! A new expression has been released from Samuel Gulliver & CO this time it has an age statement of 10 years.
The previous dram of Gulliver’s 47 was a NAS but this one is 10yo and matured in quarter cask.
It’s darker in color because of the smaller cask that have been used and it’s peated as the predecessor.

The bottles are currently limited edition as a first release but I’m certain their will be more batches in the future.
Only 130 at this stage, one bottle is yours for 89 pounds. As a English whisky there is not too many with age statement so it will be interesting to see
what other brands will release with an age statement.
The standard Gulliver 47 is a favourite of mine when it comes to lighly peated whisky and this one will be interesting to taste and review
To see how the cask size changing the notes to maybe a more intense flavour profile.

Stay tuned for a review soon.
Photo by: Linus Wärn

Gulliver's 47 quarter cask
Norbotnia Black River

Norbotnia Black River is blended and finally matured in bourbon casks in the county of Norrbotten, Sweden.
The source of the malt is not disclosed more than it’s distilleries in Scotland.

Text from the bottle:
What you hold in your hand is an exclusive whisky produced by Norbotnia Whisky Company.
Consisting of whiskies distilled and matured in Scotland, before blending and maturation in bourbon casks, in the county of Norrbotten, Sweden.
We’re sure that the Artic air across the bay and the northern lights puts a unique experience in your hand.
Please Enjoy with respect and responsibility.

The founders of Norbotnia Whisky Company is Anders Ringbjer and Mikael Sundelin, for contact you can reach them on their instagram.
The bourbon casks is from the American heaven hill and is from the beginning a 200 liter cask. It was then rebuilt by Thorslund kagge to smaller 30 and 40 liter casks to be aged in them instead.
Its bottled at 44.8% abv and has a volume of 50cl, my particular bottle is back 11 bottle 37/60 and the malt is peated.

Here is a review of this beautiful whisky:
Nose ?
Reminds me of a Ardbeg, a good peat also some citrus coming through. Some grassy and salty notes, and in the background some tar.
Palate ?
Tar, pepper, camp fire smoke, rubber, wood, good combination of flavors and a bit creamy at the end.
Finish ?
Finish is medium, would have hoped for a longer finish but the camp fire smoke is the most present.
Conclusion ?
Good nose quite complex Palate, not to overpowering on the smoke and also hints of other flavors. A good dram I would say ?
Score: 86/100
A good score and I like peated whisky so it goes hand in hand with my preferred taste!

Buy Norbotnia Black River
Mosgaard Organic peated whisky – bourbon cask

A favourite distillery returns on the blog! The last time i wrote about them it was for a review and the px cask finish scored very high 96/100.
So this time it is their Peated organic single malt whisky that is aging for 2 years in “first fill” French oak, giving it a beautiful dark color and exciting spicy notes.
For the past year, it has been on Ex. Bourbon casks that add to the classic vanilla flavor.

I’m really excited about this one because I liked their other whisky so much! The whisky is distilled in copper pot stills designed by Mosgaard.
The peated whisky is based on 100% organic peated barley malt.
The bourbon maturation is in small 50 liter ex. bourbon casks and its bottled at 7/34% ABV.
Not too many distilleries disclose their ppm but Mosgaard do, the peat level of this whisky is 25PPM.

A review of this one is coming up soon!

Mosgasrd peated whisky
Kalevala distilled Gin

Established in 2012, the Kalevala distillery produces premium organic Gin, Vodka & Rum in Easternmost Finland.
Some history about Kalevala:

The Kalevala is a 19th-century work of epic poetry compiled by Elias Lönnrot from Karelian and
Finnish oral folklore and mythology.
It is regarded as the national epic of Karelia and Finland and is one of the most significant works of Finnish literature. The Kalevala was instrumental in the development of the Finnish national identity and the intensification of Finland’s language strife that ultimately led to Finland’s independence from Russia in 1917.
The first version of the Kalevala, called the Old Kalevala, was published in 1835. The version most commonly known today was first published in 1849 and consists of 22,795 verses, divided into fifty folk stories (Finnish: runot).

The Kalevala gin focus on the juniper taste but they also include mint, rosebud, raspberry leaf and rosemary. The gin has a abv of 46,3% and comes in 50cl bottles.
In my optinion this is one of the favourite gin bottles that I’ve tried especially with finnish lingon berries.

Brand: KalevalaAvailibility: CommonPrice: (50cl)
Kalevala gin
Stauning Rye whisky

Stauning Rye is a true classic in their product range. The spirit is distilled in traditional direct-fire pot stills which results in a complex whisky with lots of nuances to explore.
It is a straight rye whisky since it contains no artificial flavour or colouring and it has been matured between 3 to 4 years.
Its distilled in Denmark, West Jutland, Stauning. Around 300-4000 bottles were made from the particular batch that I got and it’s bottled att 50% abv.

Stauning Rye contains only floor malted rye and floor-malted barley. This makes it something very special in the world of whisky.
At Stauning Whisky we do all processes on-site, and it means that we can handle the malting of the rye.

Notes from the producer:
It’s warm, friendly and fresh at the same time spicy, bold, full-bodied and seems considerably older than the age suggests.
One clearly tastes the Rye and recognize the scent of freshly baked rye bread.

Some key features that makes this whisky stand out from other rye whiskies is:
– Floor malted local barley
– Floor malted local rye
– Double pot still distilled
– Direct-fired stills

– Local water of superior quality
– Non-chill filtered
– Matured and bottled on site
– Terroir product of Denmark

Looking forward trying this one and a review will come up shortly, stay tuned!

Brand: Stauning WhiskyAvailibility: CommonPrice: 495DKK (50cl)
Stauning rye whisky
G-Gin Skånska Spritfabriken

A while back i talked about Skånska Spritfabrikens g-Gin kaffe that was a special gin distilled with coffee beans.
It’s nice that distilleries nowdays are brave enough to try new things and widen their range besides the standard spirits.

Therefore I want to mention their other gin that they have.
– First of they have the standard g-gin London dry  gin that is bottled at 46.2% abv. It has a distinct nose of juniper but also green apples and cardamom.

– Besides the standard one they also has some oak finished gin, this one in particular is Österlen finish because its aged on  a barrel used for their Österlen VSOP First Batch.
This one has also a distinct nose of juniper but a mix of both green and red apples. Its has the same abv as the London dry gin because its that spirit that is aged in the barrel.

– At last we have g-Gin Rosé, aged in red wine bordeaux casks which gives it a rosé color on the spirit. The nose on this one is juniper, red pepper and grape.

Recently they hosted a crowdfunding to keep their imagination going on new types of spirits and twists. So from now on we will see more variations and new spirit types in the near future, that I’m sure of!

Hyde cask strength 8yo 59%

Hyde cask strength is a single grain irish whiskey bottled in 08/2007 at 59% abv.
There is only 1000 bottles of this and it is classified as a limited edition release.
It is aged for 8 years in bourbon casks, the whiskey is triple distilled and non chill filtered.

Price varies but to its between 50-65 brittish pounds. My bottle is 293 of 1000 and it is made with their master distiller Alan Hyde.
Here is some notes from the producer itself:

The higher 59% alc. strength delivers a more robust Cinnamon and clove overtone with complex and spicy sweet American bourbon notes.

A cracked black pepper and spiciness gives way to a buttery vanilla and charred oak taste.

Full and satisfying, ending with a silky smooth finish.

My own reveiw will be posted soon.

Brand: Hyde Irish whiskeyAvailibility: CommonPrice: 65 (70cl)
Hyde cask strength 8yo
Naud Añejo 15 Años Ron Panama review

In a previous post you can read a bit more about the distillery and rum.
Here is my review of The Naud Añejo 15 Años Ron Panama 41.3% ABV.

Nose ?
Rich, floral and, cinnamon, marshmallows and caramelized almonds. A really good nose i would say!

Palate ?
Some oak, vanilla, toffee but not too sweet. Hints of orange and spices coats my mouth therefore it sticks with me longer and in the end you can feel a little bit of alcohol burn.

Finish ?
The finish is long. It stays with you and warms you with all the pleasant notes.

Conclusion ?
Just how I like it, not too sweet, good oak influence deep flavors and it stays with you for a while. A good dram of rum in my opinion.

Total Score 89/100.

Bladnoch 10yo 46.7% Review

I’ve really looked forward to this one and it didn’t disappoint me, rather suprise me on the nose with all those outstanding notes.
The bladnoch 10 years old is bottled at 46.7% abv and has matured in ex-bourbon casks, it’s non-chill filtered and no color is added.

Nose ?
Strong vanilla followed by toffee sweetness , crisp green grapes, then a good dose of newly picked oranges and in the end a hint of sweet honey.
Very fresh and crisp. Pleasant on the nose without any alcohol burn coming through.

Palate ?
First creamy malty, wood, some black pepper, on the tongue some dryness then the sweetness of a orange combined with the citrus notes.

Finish ?
Medium-long malty at the end with some of the lingering down the throat

Conclusion ?
A very pleasant dram with clear and powerfull dose of orange which makes this dram stand
out against others I’ve had before. This is also one of my first encounters with Lowland whisky and
this makes me try and explore more of both Bladnoch whisky and Lowland whiskies


Bladnoch 10Yo
Naud Añejo 15 Años Ron Panama

Famille Naud  was originally founded by Emile Perrier. 1923 he founds la Distillerie du Donjon in the heart of Pons located North of Bordeaux.
The distillery belongs to the famous cognac region Charentes where it has been family run over 100 years.
They use the ancient grain mill of Pinthiers, with its authentic paddle wheel. Well hidden amongst the greenery and set upon a small island.
The old limestone building, which is surrounded by lime and willow trees, is bordered by two arms of the River Seugne, which flows down into the River Charente.
It is an outstanding distillery, hidden on its own island! I wish to visit there sometime to experience the area carftmenship and have a good tasting experience.

Among their spirits they produce 4 differenc cognac but also vodka, gin, rum and a spiced rum called “Hidden Loot”.
The one I will review in the coming future is the 15 year old panama rum.

This extra old rum is aged in American oak casks after that the rum begins a long transatlantic journey to perfect its refinement in their Cognac cellars. Thessweetness in the rum comes by using sugarcanes from Arco Seco, Panama.
It is distilled in the traditional fashion, in copper columns of 20 trays, to obtain a distinguished, lavish and fruity spirit.
One key difference Famille Naud does is to directly source the rum instead of get it through brokers like many others do.
This batch was carefully selected when Pierre Naud and his father visited Arco Seco in Panama last year, they selected a high proof rum before importing it to France.
When it arrives at their distillery they used their cognac making expertise to finish the ageing of the rum and to do a slow alcohol reduction(as they do for the cognac).
Color of this one is Deep Mahogny and alcohol content is 41,3% abv.

Looking forward to taste this one and give you my thoughts on it.

Ron Panama
Bladnoch 10yo Limited release

Bladnoch Distillery is 203 year old. David Prior’s is the owner of Bladnoch Distillery.
David Prior’s prodigious passion for Scotch Whisky, together with a strong desire to restore the heart and soul of the local community led him to purchase Scotland’s 203-year-old Bladnoch Distillery in 2015.

Dr Nick Savage joined Bladnoch Distillery as Master Distiller in 2019, hailing from The Macallan.
Bladnoch is the southernmost distillery in Scotland and they are sourcing water from the Bladnoch River and malt from British growers.

The Bladnoch 10yo is a non chill filtered whisky at 46.7% abv. It is Matured in ex-bourbon casks for 10 years which gives it a spicy and sweet flavor.
A proper review of this one is coming soon.

Brand: BladnochAvailibility: CommonPrice: €57 (70cl)
Raasay distillery While we wait 2018

Waited too long for this one but last night I finally got to pour a dram of this lovley expression.
It’s 46% abv. More info about the bottle and distillery in a previous post.

Nose ?
Vanilla, hint of smoke, coconut flakes, pleasant soft and creamy scent, dried rassins

Palate ?
Suprises on the palate, explosive of peat smoke, not heavy but powerful. Fruity, nutty, I’m out of words to describe

Finish ?
Very long, pleasant, lingers on the tongue, the rassins, nuttynes stays with you along with well balanced peat smoke.

Conclusion ?
Reminds me of of high coast 63, I’m very impressed with it and it has splitted 1’st place with the high coast 63 in the not heavy peated range.
I’m very very curious of their new release that is coming soon I believe?

Score : 95/100

Raasay Distillery
Glen Keith Distillery edition

Glen Keith distillery edition is my quick tip for today.
The year 2000 the chivas Brothers closed the Glen Keith distillery but after a complete renovation it was again opened in 2013.
The Glen Keith distillery edition is a NAS bottled at 40%abv. It comes from the speyside region an is triple distilled which is quite unusual for a speyside distillery.

some apples andcaramel. A powerfull scent of  creamy vanilla almost as a better vanilla ice cream that is towards the yellow color instead of white with some black spots in it.
The alcohol is not that noticeble and the dram is not that complex, probably because of it’s youth.

Palate follows the same pattern more creamyness and loads of vanilla. A easy dram to sip but not that complex. The oak is present in the taste along with the malyness.

A good every day dram with a nice vanilla punch. It’s also a good whisky to people who has just started with whisky.

Douglas Laing’s Ardbeg Mortlach 10yo double barrel

This is a new Green Welly Stop Exclusive featuring two single malt Titans from different ends of the spectrum!
Peat mixed with Honey and Grist… an amazing combination!Both the Ardbeg and Mortlach have been aged for a minimum of 10 years.

This bottling features some Ardbeg & Mortlach and each of these single malts are married together from just one single selected cask.
Bottled in a traditionally old fashioned style, without chill filtration so that all taste facets are enhanced, these malts have waited 10 long and slow years in cold, dark scottish warehouses.
At 46% this single malt blend is something unique.

Brand: Douglas Laing & CoAvailibility: RarePrice: £48 (70cl)
The Duppy Share spiced caribbean rum with pineapple & kola nut

The Duppy Share was created from a blend of three-year-old Jamaican rum and five-year-old Barbados rum, which were aged in Bourbon barrels and then bottled in London.
The new Duppy Share Spiced was developed with Robin Honhold, former head of operations at Mr Lyan, which manages venues such as Lyaness and Cub in London. Honhold is also the co-founder of drinks innovation team A/O.

“Spiced rum has had a bad reputation in the past for being super sweet and packed so full of flavourings that you can’t even tell that it’s a rum. We wanted to forge a different path to advance the category and show consumers how good a spiced rum can be.”

The spiced variant is made with a base of aged rum from Jamaica’s Worthy Park and Barbados distillery Foursquare.
The 37.5% ABV expression has been created to be an “accessible, versatile craft rum with a blend of spices” that are designed to stand up in mixers such as ginger, soda and cola.
The Duppy is celebrated in this new, quirky rum, which offers lots of easy drinking fruit and vanilla character, ending with a lovely spicy finish.

The Duppy share
Laphroaig Select

Laphroaig Select is aged in a combination of Oloroso sherry butts, American white oak , hogsheads seasoned with Pedro Ximenez, quarter casks and first fill bourbon casks.
This results in a restrained and toned down version of this Islay classic.

Notes provided by producer


    A Fully Natural colour with no caramel added, it is sparkling gold with layers of colour – arising from different maturations and oils mixing together.

  • NOSE

    Peat first, then ripe red fruits from the PX and Olorosso casks. A hint of dryness next from the American oak with a long lingering florally finish – Marzipan and even limes at the end.


    This full bodied whisky is initially sweet up front- matching the nose, then the classic dry, peaty, ashy flavours come bounding in followed by a lovely rich finish arising from the rich fruits of the European casks.

Laphroaig Select
Raasay While We Wait single malt Scotch whisky

Isle of Raasay Distillery
The first legal distillery on the Isle of Raasay in northwest Scotland began distilling in 2017.

It is our vision to create the finest Hebridean single malt Scotch whisky and a unique whisky destination with arguably the best view from any distillery in Scotland.

Raasay While We Wait single malt Scotch whisky 46% abv, natural colour, non-chill filtered.
While waiting for their inaugural Isle of Raasay Single Malt whisky, they have crafted a single malt that demonstrates their whisky making skills and offers a taste of what’s to come from our distillery.
This limited edition whisky combines two expressions from one distillery – one peated, one unpeated – finished in French oak Tuscan red wine casks. The result: a single malt whisky of uncommon provenance.
Raaasay While We Wait – 2018 Release is finished for 9 months in Tuscan Red wine casks. The wine finish for this whisky is a lighter wine finish, and has a nice combination between wine and smoke, with this whisky leaning slightly closer to the smoke. This is different than 3rd release and 2nd release, which had a larger wine influence.

Raasay Distillery
Woodhill Navy strength Gin

Woodhill gin was founded by Jeppe Skovbakke Juhl. His dream was to create a unique and intense moment when you put the glass in front of you and take the first sip.
Woodhill Gin is a result of his passon to gin. Woodhill Gin is a premium gin, distilled in close collaboration with one of the finest distilleries in London, Thames Distillers Ltd.

Situated close to the idyllic North Zealand town of Tisvildeleje Denmark,
Woodhill Gin has been inspired by the landscape, the sea, woods and the warm feeling of freedom and tranquillity stemming from this in our choice of botanicals.
Key botanicals are:
– Juniper berry, Coriander seed, Angelica root
– Orris root, Lavender, Asparagus,
– Pink peppercorn, Lemongrass, Rose bud

The Gin in the picture is more than a classic Navy. In Navy gins there is a clear connection between taste and alcohol. The stronger the gin, the stronger the alcohol tastes, and the more the oils from the different botanicals taste.
In the Woodhills Navy, lots of flavor is retained without overdoing the alcohol.

Woodhill Navy Strength Gin is produced using the same natural ingredients as Woodhill Dry Gin but the higher abv adds more of the oils from the botanicals which gives it a more intense taste but still balanced.

A review of this gin will come up in the future and also posts about their other gins.

Brand: Woodhill GinAvailibility: CommonPrice: 450DKK (50cl)
Woodhill Navy Strength Gin
Review: Mosgaard Organic Single Malt Whisky PX Cask

Review time of Mosgaard organic single malt Pedro Ximenez Cask at 46.2% abv.
You’ll find more about this danish whisky in a previous post

Nose ?
Deep sherried, despite the higher abv I get no alcohol burn on the nose at all.
A clear sent of dried red grapes followed by plum and floral notes. This one is very pleasant on the nose. Final a hint of cinnamon and nits

Palate ?
The PX cask maturation comes through, spicy at first then some herbal and sweet bitter notes of Iranian barberry.
There is also vanilla, wood and tobacco.

Finish ?
Long and warming.
Plum, floral and some tobacco notes stays on the back of my tounge and finds it’s way up through the nose.

Conclusion ?
What can I say a dram that is totally in my preferred taste.
The nosing are amazing and the palate complements the scent with a deeper complexity thanks to the rush of spices at first followed by the Iranian berries.
The finish talks for it self.
This danish whisky is one of the best whiskies I’ve tried! They know what they are doing that’s for sure.

Score 96/100

Mosgaard whisky
Gulliver’s 47 single malt English whisky

History of the Samuel Gulliver & Co

The Samuel Gulliver founded his business in the white Horse, Banbury, England in 1747.
Samuel took inspiration from his fictional ancestors and traveled Traveled around the world to search out the most highly skilled and experienced distillers.

From the exotic Caribbean and Spice Islands to the more neighbourly British Isles, Samuel searched out the most highly skilled and experienced distillers to produce drinks of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.
The business has now been re-launched by a 9th generation Gulliver to bring Samuel Gulliver’s ambitions back to life and introduce quality spirits to today’s discerning customers.

Gulliver’s 47 Single Malt English Whisky is a celebration of Samuel Gulliver’s adventures in 1747 and the robustness of a 47% whisky.
Gulliver’s 47 is a fine English single cask, single malt whisky distilled in Norfolk at The St. George’s Distillery exclusively for Gulliver’s and matured in hand selected Bourbon oak casks.

It’s a perfect marriage of the purest Norfolk water with the highest quality Concerto two-row local-grown barley that is malted at Crisps, one of the country’s oldest and finest master maltsters since 1870.  Finally, we only use whole, unbroken ex-bourbon oak casks that retain the integrity of the flavour in the oak for a perfect aging process.

A proper review is around the corner.

Brand: Samuel Gulliver & CoAvailibility: CommonPrice: 66EUR (70cl)
Gulliver's 47 Whisky
Cocktail recipe: Fresh mango fushion with Duppy Share

The Duppy Share Caribbean rum is both aged and ditilled in the Caribbean.
It’s a balanced unique blend of premium rums from the beautiful worthy park estate in Jamaica and the prestigious foursquare distillery in Barbados.
The Jamaican rum is aged for 3 years and the Barbados rum is aged for 5 years. These two combined results in tropical fruity notes and a smooth buttery finish.
The rum is 40% abv and comes in several different sizes mine is a 70cl bottle.

Now to the cocktail ?
– 4cl The Duppy Share Caribbean rum
– Lime juice from a quarter of a lime
– 4 chunks of 1x1cm mango cubes
– Top up with some lime soda

First put all the mango cubes in a shaker.
Muddle them to extract some juice.
Add some ice, lime and rum.
Shake a few times.
Pour it in your favourite Duppy glass on a big ice cube and top up with some soda.
Garnish with some mango cubes or a lime slice.

The cocktail is fresh by the lime and tropical because of the rum and mango.

The duppy share
Review: Fary Lochan efterår batch 3

Now it’s time to review this beauty from Fary Lochan

Reviewed whisky: Fary Lochan efterår batch 3

Nose ?

Some sweet dates and fruity notes from the sherry cask, quite smooth and friendly on the nose despite 48.3% abv. Furthermore it’s oily, some grass and Stinging tobacco that has just burnt.

Palate ?
Creamy and spices at first then a lot of dark red fruits.
After letting the dram sit for a while the light smoke is growing a bit.

Finish ?
Medium long finish with some spices and put out tobacco leafs without the distinct tobacco aroma.

Conclusion ?
Very pleasant and delicate dram, I like the light smoke and creamy component in it. The dram is very complex and I think the smoked fresh nettles combined with the sherry cask makes it very special.
Fary Lochan distillery knows what they are doing and I hope they continue to innovate!

My rating 90/100

Fary Lochan Efterår